Check out my October Yoga Wishlist

Hey everyone! I wondered if you too yogi are feeling conflicted with the fact of living a simple and less cluttered life and at the same time feeling a frenzy to have a lot of cute and good looking yogi stuff?

I know I am xD And although it is not Christmas or Thanksgiving yet, I’ve just made an October Yoga Wishlist of cute little things I saw on the net that I found cute, enjoy!

 Sea mats by Emilia Rose Art

I am familiar wth Emilia Rose Art since I did my Yoga Teacher Training at Power Living Adelaide last year. At the end of my year in Australia, I thought: ‘I need to take one back with me in Paris before I go back!’. But as I struggled to close my backpack, I’ve finally decided to not take it and I regretted ever since! I’ve tried once this one during a class and it was the best! Grippy enough, thick enough, not to mention incredibly beautiful: the yoga mat dream! The sea mats are my favorites but the galaxy ones and also everything that she does is just amazing! If you’re interested, I’ve seen that she ships worldwide so: yeeeah!

See all her patterns on her website

Jessica Olie’s leg warmers

As it’s getting colder and colder, it is hard to leave the socks out of the mat and put the crop tights anymore. And I think that Jessica Olie’s leg warmers are a great autumn and winter solution and are just as useful as beautiful! It warms up your body as well as it looks great on a pic. It level ups a whole yoga outfit and I love this little ballet look that you got with them too!

You can shop them on her website here

Meditation cushion by Gemma X Georgia Horackova and BAYA

I discovered BAYA’s brand recently as I came back to France. It is a cute French brand created by 2 young women. They have beautiful products that I found really artistic! And I’ve been thinking about getting one of their cushion soon as I’m now creating my little yogi altar in my bedroom and I think it would be a great addition to it!

P.S: they ship worldwide! Find all of their products on their website

Find out what's on my yoga wishlist this month: Yogi Journey

Cute purple dress from Spell & The Gipsy Collective

Although it isn’t really the right season right now for that kind of dresses in Paris. I justify myself that if I had it, I could wear it like it is in Spring and Summer and with tights and sweater in Autumn/Winter, what do you think? Am I getting excuses to buy it? Yes I completely am xD

Find it here

Shivosham’s malas

One year ago, my Sis talked to me about this woman creating meditation malas made with blessed pearls of precious or semi-precious stones and as I saw hers, I thought they were so beautiful that I wanted some too! She told me to talk with the creator first so I could find the right malas for me, the one that would best help me with my specific needs. So I did that and the best thing happened. The day I’ve received them, I was suddenly filled with a vibrant energy of self-love, which was what I needed help with in my meditation and I loved it from Day 1 to the last day I got it. When I lost it in Costa Rica at the beginning of the year along with all the beautiful bracelets I bought from her too, I thought: ‘Maybe it’s Destiny telling me that I don’t need them anymore as I carry with me their incredibly power into my heart.’ At least, that’s what I told myself to cope with their loss. But suddenly, it’s been few weeks that these malas appeared in my dreams so I’m thinking that they are calling me again! Can’t wait to another adventure with them.

Get them here

Peace, Love, Light Tee by Spiritual Gangster

I love Spiritual Gangster from Day 1 when I discovered it for the first time last year but didn’t want to buy any clothes from them while in Australia as I was afraid to have dirty stains on them during my Aussie roadtrips! And I was sure right to do that after what happened with the different washing machines I’ve used xD But now that I’m in the city again, how cute and nice is it to wear white again?!

Find it on their website

Pink tights from Alo Yoga

I don’t know why I’ve been obsessed with purple and pink lately as we are going more and more towards Halloween and it’s browny/orangy colors but this is happening and I am so in love with it! I love looking at Alo’s ones especially on Instagram as I found them so pretty! Never had the chance to tried Alo’s outfits before but I’ve heard they are fantastic!

Here are their website

And you, what’s on your October Yoga Wishlist? 😀

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