Coaching in English

Want to learn more about yourself and change your life to live in alignment?

I want that for you too and that is why I offer 2 kinds of coaching:

Wellness coaching

Through a series of steps, you learn how you think and the self-beliefs that are in the way of you being and feeling at your best. Within each session of 1h, we experience a tool to help you take action that in the end will form a HUUGE step towards your goal! I will guide you along the way, you will never be alone and you will feel so gooood in the end about yourself and about your journey to live a more meaningful life. Trust me and above all, trust yourself and the process!


Retraining coaching

If you are tired and not passionate about your work everyday when you wake up, there must be something that the Universe want you to change. Time to uncover what you really want to do and take action so you can make it true! I have one exercise to motivate you, close your eyes and visualize yourself waking up in the morning, feeling at your best and imagine how your vibrant energy affects positively everyone around you. Cool right? Your aura has changed and now everyone wants to be closer to your light, how cool is that?



How does it work?

10h of coaching: spread into 10 sessions, 1h each month where you discover more about yourself and take a step toward your goal with a real action that you will have 1 month to accomplish. Easy right?



80€/session (90$ USD, 75£ GBP, 150$ AUD) or 800€ for 10 months and 10 hours follow-up that has to be paid all at once ahead of time.


Because even though we believe it can be unfair, it is the beginning of a commitment and money is energy/value. When energy and value is involved, we automatically become more motivated and we create time to make our actions come true.


For whom?

  • People who want to move on in their life
  • People who want to live a more meaningful life
  • Motivated people
  • People who are ready for a change


This coaching is not for…

  • People who are not ready to listen to their truth
  • People who don’t think they deserve to be happy
  • People who need a therapy
  • People who are finding excuses



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