Find your life mission

Are you feeling lost and disempowered at the moment?

Do you know things need to change but you don’t really know how to take actions?

Do you feel the call of finding your life mission and bring back meaning in your life?

Do you crave a more meaningful life where you wake up every morning feeling motivated and energized?

If so, this coaching is for you!

2h Flash coaching


This coaching is for you if:

  • You want to know your life’s mission now
  • You want quick actions to manifest your dharma
  • You just need a little help to push you in the right direction

Together we determine your life mission with the help of numerology, tarot and coaching. We talk together about it and see what changes you can do in your life right now and in the next months to live your life mission and live a more meaningful life.


How much is it?

150€ (251$AUD / 162$USD / 133£ GBP)


English or French


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