Become an Intuitive Life coach

Want to change your life and help others change theirs? You are at the right place!


This course is made for you if:

  • you want to help people live their best life
  • you want a new career or side-job
  • you are ready to raise the planet’s vibrations
  • you are committed to explore yourself
  • you are happy to connect with other people


What will you learn?

  • How to coach people – the basics of coaching from A to Z
  • How to practice intuition readings, connect to your intuition and help others do the same
  • How to become aware of our thoughts, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits and change them in order to evolve and grow
  • How to know your life-mission and how to help people find theirs
  • How to use creativity in your coaching to become a unique and fun coach


What will you become?

An official intuitive/life coach!


How long does it take?

8 days of visioconference – can be done in a week + 1 day


One day each week for 8 weeks


Spread over a longer period of time


How much is it?

3 000€ (Payment plans available if you ask me)


Contact me for details

English or French