What can we do to help our planet?

We’ve been hearing a lot these last days about the fact that we have 2 years to make a change in the world and that people

all over the world are getting worse health issues every year that’s going by. I’m sure that you’ve been hearing lots of people around you that are thinking: “yes, we’ve heard about that but what can we do about it?” And that’s actually the question: what can we do about it???

I’ve always been a really sensitive person and a big empath. I also know that’s it’s been few years that I wasn’t able to watch the news anymore because it affects me too much. As lazy as I was by then, I decided to just stop watching TV. Yeah! Let’s put all the bad news on the side and pretend it doesn’t exist! But it doesn’t work like that….

Someday even worse news are going to be all other the news and I know that if it happens I really want to think that I tried to do something about it, don’t you? When I went onto some famous NGO’s websites, I couldn’t find any helpful tips to make a change in my daily life. I could give money, sign a petition but it’s all I could do today. There are of course some events running every year all around the globe, but what I want is do a change now! Because seeing quick results is a source of motivation to everyone, I believe that making a small change everyday and try to stick to it and then add more and more so we can finally do our best, is the greatest purpose that we can all have. One person said something to me few months ago and it got sticked in my head because of its truthfulness, was: “If we could be everyday the best version of ourselves, why not being it?”.

“If we could be everyday the best version of ourselves, why not being it?”

Since I heard this phrase, everyday I wake up and start to think: How do I want to show up today? As an empowering woman trying to make a change or as a nice woman still trying to figure out how to have a meaningful life when everyone around her says: get a job to earn money. But that is the thing: money doesn’t make us happy and money won’t be of any use in several year for the planet. What do you think the planet will say if we offer her money?-“Thanks but I can’t use it now that you’ve killed me”. I know I’m bit extreme here but you’ve heard my point.

If you want to know (and I believe you are if you are reading this today) my own passions are health and wellness because something happened to me during these last years that made me more aware of it and I’ll definitely continue to talk about this on the blog because this is a big issue too but I believe that my own dharma (close to purpose in Sanskrit) is to help create a movement bigger than myself. And I can’t do it alone! That’s the thing! If it was possible, I’m sure lots of people would have already done something before. No, it’s something that we must all do together!

I know it’s going to be hard. We’ve been so individualistic these last years that it became part of our new nature to be independent and only live for ourselves. Including me! I know that like everyone I’m a huge fan of “me time” and this is actually still important to keep it. Why? Because “me time” should help us to refocus. Refocus on what we are, what we want to do of our life and what we aim to do for our future. “Me time” should help us refocus on what is really important! At the end of your life, what do you want to say for yourself? That you’ve been obsessed by purchases and creating the greatest career as possible or that you’ve cared about something bigger than yourself, helped create a change and have a more meaningful life?

My challenge starting now will be to publish as regularly as possible an article on how each of us can actually make a change! It sounds really ambitious, especially to me (I’m like what the hell are you trying to do right now? Don’t you have better things to work on?). And no! Because I don’t know about you guys but I feel like we’re all going to be regretting in few years when everything’s gone bad that we did nothing about it! I know we are beings of habits and we tend to procrastinate and think that we’ll do something about it next week, next month or as a new resolution for next year but time to do something is now! I’m the first one here to always procrastinate, I did that a lot on my health and I know that I put that aside wishing it would disappear until one day it got worse (and I hope it won’t affect my overall health for the next years to come…) and this is the day I actually started to act about it.

As this subject can be quite depressing (at least for me…), I want to try to make it fun by also sharing daily and fun life tips on how to act. Because nobody’s perfect (certainly not me), I’ll never ask anyone to change its own lifestyle tomorrow, including me! But I think that a baby step in the right way with the help of each other is the least we can do for our beautiful planet and for ourselves.

Starting today, I’ll try to find as many people as I can who can help me along this hard path on how to make our planet green and our bodies healthy again! Even if I’m impacting 10 people in the world, I’d be happy.

Now, here’s the deal! Can you help me find these inspiring people? I know some in my close friends and I’m sure you know some people too who could be really interested by the subject! So, let’s do this together and try to make some change!

I know that I’m no one but I know that together We Are One ❤

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