Say no to plastic

First thing that I realized when I stayed at a friend’s place few months ago is how much plastic was I using in my day-to-day life!

I think I filled up 2 plastic bags in 4 days only with…plastic! This is insane! That’s why I’m challenging myself this week to say no to plastic every time I’m offered some! After thinking about all the situations where I’m actually using plastic, I’ll share with you my organization and mental prep to win this challenge. I’m no perfect person so we’ll see at the end of the week if it worked or not! Stay updated on my Instagram account @yogijourneypath and share with me your tips to say no to plastic and tag me if you want to do the challenge with me @yogijourneypath

I’ll do a quick update at the end of the week on this article to see what actually worked or not and perhaps some surprises that I might have along the way!


1) Buying at the Farmer’s Market


I love going to Farmer’s Market anyway. What I love so much about it is that you get to see all vegetables and fruits at every corner, talk to people and actually share with them your love for food. How great is that?! If I see a guy selling stuff on a market who is not happy to talk with me about his products, go to hell! He doesn’t care about them and haven’t put any love in it!


What is good for our little Planet Earth too is that you get to buy your food out of plastic!


2) Using (and keep) reusable cotton bags


First, the idea is to buy some reusable cotton bags in a health store for example. Or to create your own! As I’m travelling (and don’t have some clothes I want to shred at the moment xD) and know a place on the Farmer’s market where I can buy some, I’ll go there).

With this, the idea is to buy from bulk all the grains and nuts that you need! Like this no need to go to the supermarket!

For meat and fish, bring your Tupperwares!


3) Keepcup!


If you’re a daily coffee drinker (or chai lover like me) and are used to take it away from a shop everyday, I’ll suggest buying a reusable cup! I found Keepcup recently and really like the product as long as the intention behind it. Check their website to know more about it: (put link).

I bought mine at my usual café but I’m definitely sure that you can buy some at your health food store too. If not, ask them to buy some!


4) Shopping with reusable cotton bags


If you don’t want to invest in reusable cotton bag right now or don’t have one, you can still use this plastic bag that you’ve been given or that you’ve bought the last time at the supermarket. Keep always one folded with you to do your food shopping.


5) Cooking your own meals


As a huge fan of Uber Eats, I know how hard it’s gonna be for me to not order anything. That’s why I completely deleted the app, like that no temptations! Because seriously, have you seen how much plastic is used when you order this kind of things. So much trash and so much money waste! I’ll have to put my natural inclination towards laziness to do my own cooking. I’m definitely not a great cooker but that’s gonna give me the chance to improve myself. Let’s see how it works and see you at the end of the week!


This was hard. I really saw how hard it was to erase plastic from your life! One day, I had nothing left to eat and decided to go to a take-away place with my Tupperwares and KeepCup but as I had to carry something for my friend too and didn’t bring a cotton bag, I had to ask for a plastic bag! Shit!

Otherwise, it worked well but I felt like I had to resist a lot social pressure in order to succeed it. So that’s why I’m writing a little text that I can say to them if I’m not doing things “the usual way”. When I’ll be done, I’ll see if it works!

Tell me your thoughts about it, have you ever tried to avoid plastic completely? I’m wondering if I should start a 100 day project about it…

2 thoughts on “Say no to plastic

  1. Some really great points! I have personally found that conditioning oneself to only shop from ‘alternative’ kinds of stores, like farmers markets or quirky shops, dramatically reduces the amount of plastic in your basket. Simply because these kinds of places offer a product not convenience. You can find everything you’re looking for. But, you’re going to have to tolerate loose fruits and vegetables in your bag and packing grains into a paper bag etc. If you avoid the standard supermarkets, you will find it very easy to reduce the amount of plastic in your life and in your bin 🙂


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