Portrait of a yogi: Rachel Telfer

Discover the feedback of Rachel on her Yoga Journey! I’ve met Rachel through our 200H Yoga Teacher Training at Power Living Adelaide

this year and I’m more than happy that I ran into this beautiful and always happy soul which is always present for me whenever I need some positive energy. We need more people like her in the world. I’m super happy that you get the chance to read her experience…Enjoy!

Can you introduce yourself quickly?

I like to try new things and currently work in libraries. Most of my career has been related to social justice, and I would love to see more inclusive societies as well as greater recognition of rights for animals. My partner and I live in a great part of Adelaide with our cat.


When did you start practicing yoga?

I started practicing regularly about 2 years ago.


When did you decide to take the leap with your yoga teacher training?

I was loving the yoga at Power Living and wanted more.


Tell us about your yoga teacher training.

The training introduced me to yoga philosophy, covered anatomy knowledge, how to teach a 90 minute sequence/class and how to provide hands on assistance. The quality of material and teaching was excellent and fun, and the people involved are all inspiring and awesome.


What is yoga for you?

Inspiration, hope, wisdom.


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What did you do after the course?

I got a new job. And am reading on yoga philosophy. I have not started yoga teaching yet!


Do you see your job, things or people differently?

Yes. Yoga provides a whole new perspective. It has been helpful for tough situations and understanding myself and others better.


And finally what’s next?

Continue with my yoga practice, on and off the mat!


Thanks again Rachel for sharing with us.

Did you like this article? If you have any questions to ask Rachel, feel free to do it in the comments!

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