Why using the Marie Kondo method to tidy up?

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve been all well this week! Today, I want to talk about Marie Kondo method or KonMari method because

as perhaps some of you, I watched the show on Netflix! How brilliant was this show seriously?? I had bought her book (‘The life-changing magic of tidying’) I think 2 years ago, I started it but never finished it because…naaaaah, I’m never going to do it anyway! But this time, after seeing the episodes, I decided to act (#soproudofme xD) And the effects on my life were so great, that I wanted to share with you why using her method to tidy up your space! If you too have ever felt completely lost in your mess, without knowing where to start and where to find motivation, this article is for you!

“So you know” n°1 (for people who didn’t see the show): the episodes are following different kind of people/families into their own house/apartment and Marie Kondo is helping them to use her method which is basically a specific organization and way to fold your clothes but also all about respecting what you own and only keep what sparks joy and gratitude in your life.

“So you know” n°2 (for those who don’t know me personally): I used to be the messiest girl ever (no kidding xD) and this method completely revolutionized my vision of “stuff” as well as the podcast from the Minimalists that I will talk more about in another article to come!


Reason number 1: Clarity


You get clearer on what you have and actually use with her method and that’s brilliant! By piling up everything that you own into categories, you realize if you’re an addicted consumer. Oops guilty! I’m actually recovering from that! 1 year ago when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, I realized how much stuff I piled up in a really little space for almost 5 years. As I couldn’t see clearly what I had in my apartment, each time I couldn’t find something, I would buy it again! It is as simple as that! For simple and little stuff, I was like: “Yeah that’s ok, it’s not that expensive” and for expensive stuff, I was thinking: “Ok, one day you’re going to search it and you will find it. In the meantime, deal your life without it”. That’s how I spent months without listening to music on my Ipod (I know, I think I’m the last one still using an Ipod xD) but as I couldn’t find it, I finally downloaded and paid for Spotify. And when doing the accounts, I realized that little things + other little things to pay all the time were actually lots of money!

If you too have ever realized that, know that you are definitely not alone and that applying the Marie Kondo is amazing to find your stuff back and not waste money anymore!


Reason number 2: Awareness


Indeed, when you realize how you consume, it’s actually helping to know the real you. For example, I always thought that I wasn’t buying much…WRONG….that I didn’t have a lot of clothes…WRONG…that I was always using everything…SO WRONG…and I could go on forever. And the reality is…I care about a conscious living. I care about in which conditions my clothes are made. I care about not wasting nor foods or objects. I care about what I eat. I care about what I put on my body. But I felt that everything that I owned wasn’t actually…me.

I’m more and more interested into minimalism for example these days and I thought that I was already doing well being more conscious of how much stuff I had. But finally piling everything up made me realize how much I loved to accumulate! I didn’t put anything into action. And doing the Marie Kondo method and getting to keep stuff that sparks joy in my life and that are reflecting my values was a first step of awareness towards a better me and a better life for sure.

I got to keep things that add values to my life and I’m happy about it.


Reason number 3: No more excuses


Getting clear of the clutter in my mess also helped to clean up my mind too. Focusing on what sparks joy and not on the negative chatter always saying “you can’t do it, you don’t have time or there’s always something better or more important to do…blablabla”. You realize that you have no more excuses. Now that you have the awareness that messiness was the root of your problem, it’s your job to maintain a tidy place for a tidy mind. I think it also means being accountable of your own actions. That’s hard (I’m a lazy person recovering too) but that it is so worth it.

I didn’t talk here about the Marie Kondo cleaning method because I feel like the show is just a must-see to anyone who wants to shift its messy personality. And they are explaining things really well.


All I wanted here is sharing how it changed my life.

Tell me if this show impacted you too!


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