Portrait of a yogi: Danni Maxwell

Hi everyone, today I’ll share with you the beautiful portrait of Danni, one of my friend who did the Yoga Teacher Training with me at Power Living Adelaide!

It’s great to share with you our conversation as I love to know how everyone from our group has evolved during and after the 200H training in Adelaide and in bali. Danni is now a yoga teacher and I actually can’t wait to be back in Adelaide to participate to one of her classes! Now, let’s know more about her!

Can you introduce yourself quickly?

My name is Danni, I’m a mother of 3, a visual merchandiser by day, and a yoga teacher by night!

When did you start practicing yoga?

I started practicing yoga around 13yrs ago, but I’ve been back to dedicated practice for the past 3yrs

When did you decide to take the leap with your Yoga Teacher Training?

I decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher around 2.5yrs ago, but my self doubt stopped me from taking the leap initially! Once I started, I wish I’d done it sooner to be honest!

Tell us about your yoga teacher training journey

My YTT journey was quite transformational really! I was terrified, but the first step is the hardest, & once that was done, I was on the journey with 19 other yogis! We were in it together! Through the course, I always felt so loved, protected & challenged, never felt judgement, and felt this huge sense of pride & accomplishment! There were definitely times where I wondered what the heck I was doing, but the community we became apart of, & the friends we were with, made it such a transformational experience!

What is yoga for you?

Yoga for me is, so much more than just the Asana! Learning & relating the philosophies & principles of Yoga during the teacher training, transformed my understanding & passion even further! It’s true that you don’t need a mat to practice yoga! For me, it’s about being the best version of myself continually growing, & being more aware of my behavior & contributions towards my environment & my relationships.

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What did you do after the teacher training course?

As soon as I finished my yoga teacher training, I had a biiiiiig glass of wine! Ha! And after that, I taught my first yoga class 5days after we’d all finished!

What did you implement from the YTT in your life? Do you see your job, things or people differently?

I think my reactions to situations has softened, I have more empathy & compassion towards situations & people, and I have a clearer sense of the bigger picture- which for me, is to find calm & balance in my life! I try to see situations from a different perspective, & also try to empower others to do the same. I find myself constantly re-evaluating my thought process, & being more self aware.

And finally, what’s next?

I currently teach 2-3classes per week, & I’m looking to increase that- I’m just conscious of trying to find a balance between my work/life so I can give all my roles (mother/ wife/ career/ yogi) their deserved attention!

I wish you the best for your beautiful Yoga Teacher Journey Danni! We are all with you ❤

We. Are. One



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