Book of my yogi journey: Modern Yoga by Duncan Peak

Today, I decided to write about this book ‘Modern Yoga’ by Duncan Peak because it has been such a precious book for me during the Yoga Teacher Training

I have done with Power Living. It was our reference for every poses and philosophy questions. And I found it was the 1st Yoga Book I had ever read who taught me more about what yoga uncovers. It is an honest book to start transforming your mind, body and spirit and I love it so much because it is also a symbol of the Yoga Teacher Training that deeply marked me. Now let’s dive in!


Notes about the author

Duncan Peak is an amazing teacher and he is also the CEO of Power Living. He created the first studio in Neutral Bay, Sydney in 2004 and has been developing the network ever since also in Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth with amazing co-owners. I have done some classes with him during the retreat in Bali and I can tell you that he is an amazing teacher and listener. He helped numerous people uncovered their self-beliefs patterns and helped us discover more about ourselves in a very kind and honest way. I am forever grateful about the knowledge he gave us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Duncan Peak

My impressions and 3 takeways

It is an amazing book to deepen your practice. For every pose, you have very safe information on how to do the pose (like exactly how every part of your body should be during this pose), the pathway to do it, the everyday application and also the purpose of the poses. I found this last one particularly interesting, as when you start practicing yoga, you know nothing about why you should do this pose. Is it good for your digestive system, to strengthen this muscle or this one? Why is it good for you? You also have very safe instructions to make the pose easier (use of blocks for example) and things to avoid in order to not harming yourself on the short and long term.


It is also a very accessible book to learn about the yogi philosophy: the different styles of yoga, schools philosophies, functions of the mind, ego…written in a very honest way that allows you to connect with the writer.

You also learn few things about the yogi lifestyle: meditation, food… Without doing too much, the information is staying efficient and simple.


My 3 takeaways are:

  • Learning what role you play in your everyday life is soooooo interesting. You dive deep into your self-belief patterns and by awareness starting to notice them in your life afterwards.
  • Learning about non-attachment as we tend to easily attach to things or people and ending up thinking that define us, which is not true
  • Powerful sequences that he offers at the end of the book


Duncan Peak

How to implement them in your lifestyle

I would say that if you want to know if you are doing well your yoga poses; this book is your best ally. Let it sit close to you during your practice or read some of the poses before doing them by yourself. It is a precious gift to improve your practice. When you walk afterwards in your yoga class, it allows you to understand better the cues of the teacher too.

Reading a little bit of this book everyday allows the ideas to sink in a bit in your brain. I can’t quite summarize the power this book had on me but it has definitely been for me the beginning of a transformational yogi journey.

You can’t find it on Amazon but it is also available on Power Living website

And if you want to read about my experience with the 200H Yoga Teacher Training with Power Living, head here.

Hope you’ll like it too! If you read it already, what did you learn with it? Share it with others in the comment section! I’d be also interested about all the books that helped you grow on your yogi journey! Here’s my list!

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