I tried hip-hop yoga

Ever heard about it? Hip-hop yoga is flourishing in lots of yoga studios in Paris and I’ve been lucky to try one of these classes lately at Kind Festival last weekend. I was super curious about the concept and how it was going on in a 1h class. And there it is, here is my review!


Let’s go back to the concept


Opening a bigger door for those not interested by the ‘oms’ and chanting of classic vinyasa yoga classes, some yogis created hip-hop yoga as a way to getting closer to the student. Putting Eminem, Kanye and other artists in the same vibe in some vinyasa flows help the student being at ease with the practice. Fellow yogis aren’t too disturbed because it uses all the yoga poses that they know. New ones are discovering yoga with the music that they listen to. That is what is written on paper. How is really in a class?


What happens in a class?


Exactly what happens in a vinyasa class normally except for the music.


How does it impact the student?


Personally I felt really stressed out by the music, like it wasn’t bringing me this sense of peace that I have usually when I practice. Listening to the singers talk about ‘bitches’ and ‘cars’ and all the usual rapper vocabulary desacralized entirely my practice. I didn’t feel like a goddess empowered by Shakti, bringing my inner power to strengthen my practice. I felt like a woman, working out while being insulted at the same time. Ouch, that’s rough I know. But that is only my point of view.


Do you have to do it in a class?


No certainly not. You can do it at home with your own hip-hop playlist.


Do you need special equipment?


Only if you want to feel like Beyonce! I’m actually not even sure that the use of props is necessary. As the music’s rhythm is fast, you don’t have the time to settle there. You are moving quickly, like the beat.


What do you wear?


Don’t know if you must come with a badass look and black lulu lemon outfit but in my head, I picture it like that xD


What course to do to teach it?


For most of what I’ve seen online, you simply have to do a classic Vinyasa Teacher Training and do your own playlists. But I have also find some specific courses like this one: http://www.honestyogacenter.com/teacher-training/hip-hop-yoga-200hr/


Overall vision


I visualize hip-hop yoga more as a workout than a practice but seeing that many people loving it makes me still think that it can be an entry door to yoga. I’m wondering if people are interested into yoga philosophy after all but I need more contacts with people practicing that style to ask them.


And you? Have you ever practiced? Would you like to try?

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