Why you don’t need to buy yogi stuff to start on your yogi journey?

You want to start having a yogi lifestyle but don’t want to fall into the yogi cliché of having sea salt lamps everywhere in your home and expensive organic essential oils in your bathroom?

That’s completely doable because a yogi lifestyle isn’t about that. It is more about a spirit and I tell you why you don’t need material stuff to live a great yogi lifestyle!


Replace salt lamps by walking outside in nature

Although it is said to help improve the air, your sleep, your mood, your allergies and basically all 99 of your problems, you don’t need salt lamps to be a great yogi. Being a yogi isn’t about material but everything about your attitude. If you start practicing yoga and fell in love with the practice, don’t run into your closest decoration store to buy hippie staff to tell the world you changed. A salt lamp isn’t going to miraculously solve all your problems but for example a walk outside in nature is certainly going to improve the air quality that you’ll breathe (as maybe you know, our interiors are more polluted than outside, even if you are living in a very polluted city.), the effort will improve your sleep, your mood and maybe not your allergies if it’s not the right season but you can still go somewhere allergy friendly I’m sure.


Replace essential oils by eating lots of veggies

Because adopting a yogi lifestyle isn’t about spending tons of money in expensive decoration, it is the same with health products. It is so hard for me to say that as I think I must have spent hundreds if not thousand euros and dollars of health complementary stuff or even essential oils these last years to be in the trend or try to have a better health. But trust me don’t buy healthy fix and try instead to fuel your body with healthy habits like eating lots of veggies and practicing yoga regularly. Nourishing and healing yourself with great and natural food is also one of the basic principle of Ayurveda, the Indian medicine related to yoga.

Capture d’écran 2019-06-07 à 16.07.05.png

Replace macramé and mandala paintings by pictures that you love

A mandala or macramé on the wall is pretty nice, I don’t deny it (as I fall in love too with every Pinterest or Instagram pictures showing some xD) but here’s a cheap way to replace your wall decoration in a more yogi way: display pictures of your loved ones or landscapes that you fell in love with. Why? Because it will be a daily reminder of gratitude of all the great things you have in your life and great experiences that you lived. And it is sooooo much more important than a ‘said yogi’ decoration ‘must-have’.


Replace crystals by a meditation practice

They are tons of different uses for crystals out there. You can hold them to take-away an emotion or learn to channel it, you can sit close to them eyes closed to absorb all their great qualities. But really you don’t need to order or buy all the stones in the world to learn how to handle your emotions. Meditation for example is free and you can use it anywhere, anytime to see your emotions and deal with them.


I think you have understood it but I don’t believe in buying things to make you a better yogi. I believe anyone can be a yogi as a yogi lifestyle is indeed a focus on the essentials things of life. Anyone can do it. You don’t need to practice yoga 4 times a week to adopt these little things. You can always tap into the simple things and actions of daily life to help you focus and be grateful of what you have as a yogi lifestyle for me is just adopting a yogi spirit.

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