My favorite Youtube channels to practice yoga at home

Hi everyone! This week, I’m sharing with you my favorite Youtube channels to practice yoga at home as I looooove practicing at home.

At the beginning of my practice, I used to practice with these accounts as they enlighten my path to practice safely. At some point, it is fair to get some attachments to the people you ‘see’ regularly and I still love to get news from them and practice with them at least once a week to get some fresh ideas and discover new sequences. If you like practicing at home too, you’ll like them for sure too!


Yoga with Adriene

She is from Austin, Texas and she certainly is the most famous yogi youtuber of all the yogi youtubers out there as she has been on the platform since a while now and I’ve seen that she also had been the most searched workout on Google in 2015! She is also an actress and we can really find that spirit in her videos because of this sense of playfulness that she has. Anyone who ever watched her videos can say this: she is fun! (and she also seems to have a beautiful cosy house and the nicest dog ever: Benji!).

What made me love yoga actually was also her videos series of yoga challenge. She is doing that every year (you can catch them up on her page) and I find this is a great way to start in yoga (and also if you have been doing yoga since a while). During 30 days, she releases every day a new video to help you keeping a regular practice and discover yoga.

Plus, she has all these videos on different topics (like yoga for backpain, spine or shoulders and whenever I feel like I got these pains (except if it’s too painful of course!), I’m rushing towards her videos to help me out.

And plus, plus, she also have playlists on her channel with different yoga videos to practice for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 min and more, which is super handy when you don’t have a lot of time ahead of yourself. Like this: no excuses!

I’m subscribed to her newsletter too (and trust me I don’t have much!) and even after getting more and more success over the years (5,2 millions subscribers and some really choosen collabs like with Adidas), she really stays true to herself. The funny thing is that even since she got also her website, she doesn’t promote it that much in her newsletter and you can still follow her yogi journey in a very honest and simple way.

Find What Feels Good is her mantra and slogan and I like it since the beginning. It is really true to who she is and what she is transmitting. I haven’t tried her subscription but if you do, leave me a comment so I can know how it is! I’d be curious to know. For now, I’m happy to practice with her on Youtube.

Her website/ Her brand/ Her channel

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Boho Beautiful

The couple formed by Juliana and Mark is just super cute. Mark is usually filming except when they are talking about their lifestyle and Juliana is doing the exercise. They are doing yoga and fitness videos but I have only done their yoga videos so far.

I love their honesty as human beings and people who try to make a living out of their brand. They really share their ups and downs and I like it as it prove that life isn’t what social medias usually shows us: amazing life all the time.

Their slogan: ‘Your decisions today will define your tomorrow’ stays in my head in another form that an Aussie friend told me few months ago: ‘Set yourself up today for tomorrow’. Really almost the same xD And I like this phrase as it encourages everyone to see the impact of every decision made. It’s a great tool to work on your short and long-term goals and to build your dream life step by step I think.

Except when I say in my affirmations, I want to keep a healthy weight and then think when seeing a chocolate bar, this chocolate bar will impact your tomorrow. Damn, that’s when you are searching for a loophole in the expression and want to say: ‘Set yourself up today for tomorrow. Only one rule: doesn’t work with chocolate xD’. But anywayyyyy….

They are doing amazing yoga and pilates classes in beautiful and natural settings (mountain, beach…). And they are doing classes for every levels from beginner to advance, yin classes and also meditations.

I haven’t bought their program yet but I’m really curious to try them out one day!

Their website with all their programs:

Their channel:


And you, do you like to practice at home? What’s your practice if you like doing it at home too?

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