2020 summer reading list

Hey yogis! Are you looking for something to read this August? I have read some really great books in July and wanted to share them with you. I will introduce you to some yoga, ayurveda, feminity, inspirational books I liked and also some self-development books! (that I also love soooooo much!).


One of my favorite yoga book that I often come back to during this yogi journey. In this book, you learn everything about how to take the wisdom of yoga off the mat, into your pocket and have it with you, in you all the time, everywhere. Of course, I believe it is a lifetime experience but the first key to experiment is first to be aware and this book is truly magical for that!


I read this book and found it really interesting. It talks about how to integrate Ayurveda into your daily life in 30 days! Every phase of the 30-Day Program is very well explained and the recipes look yum! At the core it, you will learn that lunch is the most important meal of the day as it is the part of day where our fire, or ‘agni’, is the most powerful as the sun shines high. There are some really useful tips to lower inflammation and act on ‘ama’, the accumulation of toxins in the body. It also explains why the sensation of hunger is essential to live a healthy life. But more on that subject with the next book!


I was really interested this summer about the psychology of eating as I am actually followed by a nutritional coach, and this one was gold to me! This one is the 4th edition launched since its first publishing in the 90’s. While reading it, I could understand why it was still so popular today. This book is here to help you reconnect with your body deeply, it is a beautiful guide to love yourself and reconnect with food and pleasure. I have also linked it to my meditation practice having a short meditation before eating to see where my levels of hunger are at. I have found super useful tips in it and will definitely list as a key book on my yogi journey to grow holistically (mind-body-spirit).


I share this book today as a yogi friend of mine talked to me about it and I absolutely loved it. You can find in it beautiful and also awakening poems and I share it as such today. I developed a lot of awareness that I didn’t have before thanks to this book and felt like my readers could also love it too ❤

For yoga teachers

This book is very interesting to help you understand the mechanics of movement in yoga. You learn about what stops you in yoga according to your own unique body, how to help others with their own special and beautiful body, how to align and how anatomical structures works! I think it is a must-read for every yoga teacher.

Have you read some of them? Share what your feelings and also readings with us so we can all grow together



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