Switch to natural beauty

The challenge of this week is to switch to natural beauty! Have you noticed how much plastic do we have in our bathroom?

This is crazy! Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, razors, toothbrushes, toothpastes, cleansers, and so on… are completely taking over the place. And usually, we don’t even have one product of each category; we have multiple items of them. Whether it’s a pot that you didn’t finish and start using the next one because new is always better right? Especially, if you have a family or live with your partner, each one has its own favorite products, often branded male or female (WTF?) with different fragrances and packaging, whether all we need is just f****** soap to wash our body.


My natural beauty project


I have a big history with natural products because I never liked conventional products. So far as I can remember for these last years, I didn’t buy any conventional products except if I was travelling or couldn’t find anything else of the quality I was searching for. To tell you all, this fascination for natural products came from my aunt. I was always fascinated when I was little (ok 15) to see her create her own natural products with natural ingredients. She was finding some “recipes” on Internet and was doing them by herself, without anyone ever teaching her. At that time, I thought everyone would have considered that she was a crazy hippie but in today’s era, we all know that she was definitely not! And so far, she just have the most beautiful skin I’ve seen for someone from her age!

During my Master Degree, I had to imagine a fake company and I imagined a company able to create natural cosmetics from scratch in a direct shop. That was so inspiring! I guess it’s the first time I got so interested into my studies because it was something I could create with the power of my imagination. After I finished my studies and struggled to find a job, my mum pushed me to try to make it happen. I designed every page of the website (I couldn’t actually create a physical shop because it was too expensive), thought about the products I wanted on it, with the level of quality I wanted. I already had spotted all the brands I loved and wanted on the website on Instagram.

And with the help from my mother, we made that happen and finally it’s out since 2 years. With a step back, I can actually tell you all one dark secret from the natural beauty area that I noticed these past 3 years. Even though, there’s a lot of companies developing natural products (which is good,). There’s also a lot of them that are only copying conventional beauty lines.

And my thought with this website is to provide simple and efficient products made with natural and local ingredients and produced by beautiful people with nice family stories. But to also promote than you can’t have a healthy skin only by putting creams on your skin. It’s also about how you live, what you eat, how you think that impacts your overall health and then naturally the health of your skin.

Capture d_écran 2018-11-05 à 18.03.59


Green washing


These last months, I noticed that lots of brands promoting natural products started to do creams for the face, creams for the body, creams for the feet, creams for whatever parts of the human body, although natural beauty isn’t about that. If a cream is great, it can go on whatever part of your body because it’s good for you. And as the natural beauty market grew, they were more and more corrupted by the system. The thing is people who always used conventional products (and I should have mentioned that by saying this with conventional products I mean: brands you can buy at the supermarket or luxury brands you can find in fancy and expensive stores) were completely lost when I first started to talk to them about natural beauty. We’ve been so far in our society where there is a cream/object/service for everything that we don’t even think about how we consume it anymore.

I used to think during these last years that I was switching to natural beauty because it was better for me. And now I want to add another thing: my beauty products must be more planet-friendly.


Clutter is not only bad for the planet but it’s also a source of draining of energy. 


That’s why today this article is super important to me because I’ll share with you my tips to switch to natural beauty in a more healthy way for you and the planet.


1) Count how many products you’re using every day


We always say that awareness is the first step to make a change. This is the time. For the 1st step of this challenge, just be aware of how many beauty products you are putting on your skin everyday, from shower gels to foundation, perfumes and other moisturizers.


2) Count how many items you have in your bathroom.


So how many do you have: 5, 10, 15, 20? Doesn’t matter. There is no judgment here as we were all “programmed” for most of us since the time we were born to accumulate this stuff.


3) Time to be honest


Now put on one side the ones that you are using every day and on the second side the ones that you haven’t used for at least the past month (I know how these things can accumulates so quickly, I’ve been first to do it for years).


4) Explore your basic needs


If you wanted to take care of yourself every day, what would you need? I’m not asking to give up on anything as I’m just sharing my recipe here. But when I figured out what I really needed to be happy and still take of yourself because it’s still super important, I realized that all I needed was: a shampoo, a shower gel and oil. All the rest was superficial.

Capture d_écran 2018-11-05 à 17.58.11
One out of 100 hundreds of dream bathrooms on Pinterest xD

5) Find tips


If your list is longer than mine just ask yourself if you can find any products that can have multiple uses. Things to remember: it’s all about adaptation. You need to find what is good for you. We also are humans and we are changing all the time, whether it’s your body or your skin sensitivity, and only you can know what’s best for you.


6) Check the ingredients


I always say that if I can’t understand what’s inside the bottle, I’m not using it because would you eat something you know nothing about? Ok, so why should it be different from what you’re putting on your body? If you can understand it, so far so good! The shorter the list, the better! Get away from harmful chemicals that can influence your endocrine system.

Even if all the ingredients are not organic, that’s a first step from preventing the harmful chemicals and toxins to come into your body.


7) Check where does it come from


I used to always find fancy products attractive, even natural ones. If I was seeing a beautiful natural self-care brand in Philippines, I was jumping on it, whenever the costs. I wanted to try it! Now, that I care more about the environment, my new request for my personal products (if I’m not creating them) is to know if there are locally made with local ingredients or not. If it’s made not far from where I live, I’m interested. If I can help a local person by buying them their self-made products, I’ll do it (as long as it’s still good quality and efficient).


8) Don’t fall back for conventional products


I know how it can be difficult to not fall again into the circle of buying this fancy cream that the girl is promoting on the street saying that she’s planting trees after you buy her something. Or even to not fall for this sale at the supermarket offering 1 item if you buy 3 of them. Don’t fall into the crap. Big brands likes to think for themselves that consumers are responsible of the environmental disaster but it’s not true. What if you put a banana in front of a baboon, would you think it won’t take it? You are the same (sorry if it’s not very flattering). If you see a beautiful cream floating in the street, even if it’s not for free and you have to pay for it (actually you think that paying for it is reflecting the quality of the product which is not), you’ll take it.


9) Awareness again


How do you feel now that you have a lighter self-care routine? Do you feel lighter too? I know I do because the more I have objects in my life, the more I see my mind cluttered and out focused.


10) Feel proud


And to finish, feel proud because you got the right to feel like it. Know that you don’t need any superficial things to feel beautiful. You still got spots? Stop eating dairy. You got redness? Search the root of your inflammation. There’s nothing that food can’t cure and you don’t need any fancy creams and supplements to cure that. Be your own detective. Your doctor will never know you better as much as you do. And, last thing, don’t let the world think that you are the root of the environmental disaster that is striking us (I know how bad I felt when I realized how much I was consuming and the quantity of plastic I was using/wasting every weeks/months). We are beings of habits and brands know it. After you finished using your natural products, don’t forget to think about how to recycle it. How and where is it going to end after it “dies”? Awareness is the key for every change.

What are your tips to switch to a more sustainable beauty? What are your favorite natural beauty products? I’d love to get your advices!

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