1st step on my yogi journey

Hi everyone! I am so happy to start this journey with you today.

Actually it started a while ago now but I’m only starting to write about it starting today. As I’m starting only today, I’ll want to introduce myself as a little catch up.

1st interest

I started to be interested into yoga 6 years ago. I always had anxiety and stress issues and I heard that yoga was good for that so I subscribed for 2 weeks intro-classes in my neighborhood in Paris. It was traditional vinyasa but who really felt more like yin yoga to me now and I didn’t like it at all. I felt bored, my mind was always wandering somewhere else: what am I going to do next? What am I going to eat? What could I have done instead of doing this class? Just everything. I gave up in few weeks and decided to forget about it.

3 years after, I had finished my studies and started this new job that was really stressful to me and I felt like I needed to release the pressure into something else if I didn’t want to explode sometimes. Usually, piano was my go-to when I was leaving with my parents but as it wasn’t the case anymore (and I couldn’t afford or even had the space to have one in my new flat in Paris) I had to find something else. One day, I heard one girl in my office says that she felt so good after going to this hot yoga class close to the office on lunch break. Curious about it, I decided to give it a try.


2nd chance


I took the 2 weeks intro-class too. And I really felt the difference this time. I was evacuating everything negative in me and it felt good. The classes were challenging but although I’m not too much of a competition girl, I loved it. It was always the same sequence with almost the same teacher, no jokes, no personal stories, just the poses, dot. It helped me a lot but it still wasn’t the yoga I wanted to practice. Few weeks after, the stress continued to increase and I had to go more often over there. First, I did 1 class a week and at the end I was almost doing 3 or 4 classes a week (which for a non sportive girl as me was a lot, trust me!).

When we moved offices, I was too far away to go there on lunch breaks and it becomes really tiring to go there at night. As I went back to live with my parents again for few months, I tried to do it at home every morning in my bedroom. But there was always someone to disturb me: the cat meowing in front of the door, my dad knocking at the door…But I sticked to it for few months, do it every day by waking up almost 1 hour earlier before work because it felt so good.

When I came back to my apartment in Paris again, everything was going bad in my professional and personal life and I felt like yoga was my saver. It helped me think of something else during an hour and it helped me cope with my chronic sinusitis issues by helping me breathe better.

One day, I decided to stop all that. Quit the relationship, quit the job, quit the country and live my dreams. Live abroad, meet new people, try to find who I am and do Yoga Teacher Training. That’s everything I wanted. Going far from everyone/everything I know to start a new adventure that could help me find the right path for me.

3rd jump into the unknown


I knew that I didn’t want to be Digital Project Manager anymore and that I wanted something else for my life. I had more ambition than that. I’m not talking here about money kind of ambition but life purpose kind of ambition. I felt like my life wasn’t meaningful enough and I think it was at the root of my sadness.

Arrived in Australia, I discovered the chill life. Best time of my life ever. I felt like it was a reset for me. I could finally be who I was and live the life of my dream. Few months after I landed in Adelaide, I extended my stay more than what was previously planned because I felt good in this city. I started to go to Power Living Studio that a friend recommended to me and I knew immediately that I had find my place to be. I was still hesitating to go on the course. But I finally did and lived the one experience of a lifetime. More on that in this article

After the end of the course, I went back to my “normal backpacker life” and experienced something different. I heard about a lot of sad stories from my friends/family back home and I woke up a bit from my day-to-day dream. I was conscious more than ever how lucky I was to be living this experience in Australia and everyday to wake up with the chance to explore and let little miracles happened. I thought it was time to come back to a more serious life with a more serious job. Being a yoga teacher was still for me kind of a fantasy. I found really easily this job thanks to a client that I worked for in France. It was nice. It felt reassuring because I knew exactly everything about it. But you know what? I knew exactly everything about it and how it works. And after 2 weeks doing it, I realized that as much as I like the brand and people working for it, it wasn’t meant for me anymore. I needed to explore new areas and learn new things. I felt deep down that I needed something more meaningful.


Your hobby should be a passion.
Your job should be a mission.


4th illumination

Yoga is definitely a passion and as a job I felt like I need as my mission to “loose myself in the service of others”. I quote that because the first time I saw that on my YTT manual, I thought it was a really hippie quote. Nowadays everyone is so individualistic that how the hell could we loose ourselves in the service of others. But after months of occasional reflection on it, I realized what it was really meaning: help others to make this world a better place is the most beautiful thing you can do and be part of it makes you also feel like a special and happy human being.

So now, I’m feeling like: what can I do to “loose myself in the service of others” and as I always loved writing, sharing my experience and vision could be part of one of the things I could do (I have hundreds of other ideas too but let’s go slowly xD).

I’ll share with you regularly my stories about my Yogi Journey and I hope you’ll like it and that somehow it will add value to your life. Because if there is one thing that I know about yoga now is that it’s not only a practice, it’s also a way to live and think.

Peace, peace, peace

Read the 2nd episode of my Yogi Journey here!

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