Portrait of a yogi: Madeleine Bong

Happy Monday everyone! I’m so happy to be introducing you today to Madeleine Bong, an incredible person that I met during my Yoga Teacher Training with

Power Living Australia. She was with the Melbourne team alongside with Qing and Tonia! Let’s discover how she is seeing yoga and her path through her Yogi Journey!


Can you introduce yourself quickly?

My name is Madeleine, my friends call me Maddy or simply Mads. I’m a first generation born Californian so I grew up learning two different languages.

I find this question so difficult to answer because I have so many interests and passions so let’s say my goal in life is to travel, meet new people, and fully experience this beautiful journey we call life!


When did you start practicing yoga?

I grew up watching my mother practice so you could say it’s been in the family for a long time. However, that’s just the asana side of yoga. I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to have parents who practice and share the philosophy as well.


When did you decide to take the leap with your Yoga Teacher Training?

I decided to take this leap beginning of 2017. A very close family member of mine past away very suddenly and throughout the year I came to realize that I wanted to live my life as full as I possible could without any fear, or really not allowing my fear to hold me back.

All of 2017 I started diving deeper into my practice as it was my way of working through my grief. As I was coming closer to my graduation, my parents recommended I do my teacher training after a night of tears explaining to them I had no clue what I wanted to do after finishing University. I owe it to them.

Tell us about your yoga teacher training journey.

My journey started out with me arriving with a horrible flu and fever, but nevertheless I was so excited to begin this dream. I obviously didn’t have any friends in Melbourne except for my partner since we moved to the states so truly the highlight for me was being able to meet such amazing bright men and women that are now some of my closest friends.

The training really forces you to dig deep which made the actual asana side of the training really easy and the philosophy/ honest with yourself the hardest part.

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What is yoga for you?

Yoga is a way of life for me. It’s a constant practice that tests your love and patience not only for yourself but for other beings. On the asana side, my mat is my safe place. A part of me is transferred into this rectangle through each breath and movement. The only place where I can tell someone to leave me alone and not feel bad about it.

What did you do after the teacher training course?

Right after my training I was fortunate enough to land a teaching job in the CBD of Melbourne in this beautiful little studio called Yoga Corner. Not too long after, I landed another permanent gig teaching and consulting for the yoga studio at Urban Climb Collingwood.

What did you implement from the YTT in your life? Do you see your job, things or people differently?

I definitely tried my best to implement the training into my life. I could notice when I was getting defensive and most importantly why I was becoming triggered. I think my partner and family noticed a positive shift as well. I think more then ever I’ve come to realize how important it is to dedicate some mat time or meditation to the day.

Could you share with us one yogi mindful tip you have to help protect the Earth that everyone could be interested to do too?

I love using beeswax covers for my food and veggies rather than buying plastic wrap!

And finally, what’s next?

Currently my partner and I are working on our visa extensions. It makes teaching yoga difficult, but it needs to be done. Once things settle down, I look forward to teaching again. For now, my plan is to focus on myself so I can teach from a place of authenticity.


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