Top 10 trips to do around Adelaide

Adelaide is so far my favourite city in Australia. You got the river, you got the beach, you got the city, you got little mounts,

you got nice people and you also have plenty of things to do in Adelaide! What else do you need to live a happy life? As much as I love the CBD, I also deeply love the surroundings of Adelaide. So I’ll tell you more here about my top 10 trips to do around Adelaide!


1) For a bit of city and nature: Victor Harbor

There are so many beaches around Victor Harbor that are beautiful, that’s insane! If you want to surf, Middleton is known as a great spot. You can also do a nice walk at Granites Island just in front of Victor Harbor and grab a nice thing to eat at Port Elliot. You can easily spend a whole weekend here without getting bored (at least for me as I love just watching the ocean, stay still, singing, walking along the beach or meditate).



2) For a nice hike: Deep Creek Conservation Park

My favourite hike around Adelaide so far. Last time, I was there I saw: kangaroos, koalas, dolphins and a deer. What a beautiful wildlife you can easily spot as soon as you get out of the city! It’s nice to spend the day there. Take some food with you for an improvised picnic around the cliff (and don’t forget to take all your plastics with you ;).

3) For an escape: Kangaroo Island

You’ll find more details about it in one of my next articles but Kangaroo Island is also one of my best experiences around Adelaide. The landscapes are fabulous, you can be completely alone for dozens of kilometres (one of my favourite thing in Australia by the way) and the wildlife is beautiful. Pictures speak for themselves I think. I stayed 2 days there and I think it wasn’t enough. I could have easily stayed there for 5 days or a week or maybe even more!


4) For a cool walk: Hallett Cove

There’s a nice walk to do along the cliffs. It’s about 2h walk one-way (5,1 km). There is a beautiful view over the ocean. Each time I’ve done it there was not a lot of people and it was really nice to walk there, at you own pace. If you’re going on lunchtime, there’s a cool juice and food bar at the beginning or end of it (depending where you came from). And if you’re coming at sunset, trust me you won’t be disappointed. Even if the sun isn’t there.



5) For a delicious meal: Hahndorf

Hahndorf is a super cool city to grab a nice meal. You got healthy restaurant but also big fatty german-style restaurant depending of what you’re searching for this exact day! It’s super little, there’s one main street but the atmosphere is just…cute!


6) For a good lookout: Mount Lofty

Each time I went to Mount Lofty to do this easy walk or this hard walk or this medium walk,…I never ended doing that! I got lost each time because there’s not much signs to help you stay on the walk you decided to do but I still love it. Each time I went there, I discovered something new about the people I was going with, the landscape, the animals and often even about me. On top of Mount Lofty, there is a beautiful lookout where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Adelaide. Open your lungs and breathe the pure air from the mountain. Open your chest and mind for Mount Lofty good vibes! (by the way, super easy to access from the CBD if you don’t have any car, there are buses all the time).

DENR 1747


7) For fresh air: Mount Morialta

Morialta is kind of like Mount Lofty for me. Lots of different hikes, beautiful waterfalls and lots of wildlife too. But here you can also do bird-watching and apparently some rock-climbing but this I’m too afraid to do that by myself!



8) For some beach time: Port Noarlunga

Love this place (like anywhere else in and out of Adelaide, in and out of Australia would also work after all xD) but when the weather is nice, it’s particularly nice to walk on the jetty. At the end of it, you can admire a long natural reef which can be better seen at low tides.


9) For surf time: Waitpinga

I used to come here sometimes with my friend and I loved it each time. The beach is really a postcard and for a great photographer (don’t look at me, I’m still learning xD) I’m sure that there’s plenty of beautiful pics to take. There’s always few people surfing and also fishing. I actually caught my first fish ever just talking to an old Australian on the beach.



10) For fishing: Second Valley

But if you are really into fishing, come here at night with some nice things to eat and drink and enjoy looking out for the squid. Check the seasons, I’m definitely no expert on this, but it is a nice spot first to enjoy the sunset over the mountains and then go fishing at night.


I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I loved writing it. Reminds me of so many great memories that I lived them again through the writing. If you’ve been to Adelaide and visited other places, I’d love to know them for next time so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment 😉

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