Book of my yogi journey: ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ by Melissa Ambrosini

Want to start having a healthy lifestyle from A to Z? Want to change your life but also the vision you have of the world?

This book is definitely made for you too! This is one of my favorite book ever ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl” by Melissa Ambrosini. I knew her thanks to social medias since I think 4 years already and I never stopped following her ever since.

In this book, she tells the honest story of everything that happened to her, the best and worst moments, and why and how she decided to jump into the driver’s seat instead of the passenger’s one to take back the control of her life. I find it so inspiring that I wish everyone could read it. From relationships to self-love, it is all about self-growth and that’s everything I love about it! Ready to dive in?


Note about the author


Melissa Ambrosini is the author of ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ and ‘Open Wide’ (which I bought and is next on my reading list!) host of number one podcast ‘The Melissa Ambrosini Show’, a motivational speaker and self-love teacher. I listen to her podcast multiple times a week from the ‘Monday Motivation’ podcasts (about 10 minutes) to the longer ones, usually interviews (around an hour) on Spotify (but it’s also available on other multiple platforms like Itunes for example). Her mantra? Love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word. Thanks to her book and platform, she has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms and I can’t encourage you more to be part of it too. It is a truly blessed adventure to be able to communicate with link-minded souls and also to be accompanied on the path for change thanks to the community she created.


If I could summarize quickly her story, it would be that: after travelling the world for her job, she had to come back to her home country: Australia. Over there, she started to do other jobs that were not fulfilling and she sometimes fell into the path of over-partying like lot of young people (or not!) do (been there too…actually really recently…). Then she hit rock bottom and realized she was not taking care of herself enough and that things had to change. And that is the story of the book (+ so much more): inspire people to live their best life! Isn’t it the most beautiful goal ever? (sorry I’m so subjective here xD).


My impressions and my 3 takeaways


While I was reading her book, I just felt like it was my best-friend talking to me all along but like not about things from the daily life but deep stuff. ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ is all about opening your heart, live out of love and not out of fear; it is a guide for healthier lifestyle (thoughts but also food, exercises and so on). It’s about attracting all the great things you want out of life by being the example. You want mindful relationships in your life? Start by being mindful with yourself first. You want to live in a bubble of happiness? Create it and don’t wait for anyone to give you exactly everything that you need!

I love her vision and her way to talk about it, like: live your best life and then the most amazing people will appear on the way because you would have changed your mindset! What I love most is her ‘Inspo-action’ parts. It is meant to help you take action and motivate you to change your life too.

My 3 takeaways from her book are:

  • Choosing love over fear always and if you made the wrong decision, choose again.
  • Creating space and getting rid of the word ‘busy’
  • Stop playing small

I actually love one quote from Nelson Mandela that she links to the last takeaway I’m talking about:

‘There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’.



How to implement them in your lifestyle?


As she knows that most people are not applying what they read into self-development books, she created an amazing program (I put it in the links at the end of this article) with a 10-week roadmap for mastering your inner Mean Girl and laying the foundations for the epic life you’ve always dreamed of. And you got access to audio, video + written resources for every module. I bought it 2 years ago (77$) and I’m very thankful for it.

Want to know more? Go on her website:

Want to follow her program? :

And if you want to know more about the other books of my Yogi Journey, head here

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