10 ideas to bring a yogi vibe at work

I’m sure you too have felt this urgent call after a yoga class to make the universe cooler around you.

You are in this positive vibe and blurry fog of peace and you want everyone in the world to be as relaxed as you are right now but when you come back to work or home (but I’ll cover that in another article), you suddenly feel out of place. That is why I imagined 10 ideas to bring YOUR yogi vibe at work!


Show up with a smile

I don’t know if you tried that already but when you smile at someone random or even someone that you know, they usually smile you back! I don’t know if there is a science fact about that but it is true! So next time you are coming in to work (even if you are not in the best mood ever), try smiling at others! It will make both of you happier than 5 seconds before! It is also a great way to remind us that happiness is just away from a smile!


Be kind

Even if you want to destroy your computer again for being too slow or your co-worker who forgot to print the meeting’s file, I found that entering a room with great intentions is usually changing everything! I will tend to be more patient and my discussions and relationships will be affected by it. In order to do that, you can take a short meditation on Insight Timer before seeing people that may trigger you (my two favorites are ‘Self Love Meditation’ and ‘Manifestation Meditation’ by Melissa Ambrosini) or just a deep breath before entering a room or going to an event.

Read my key takeaways of Melissa Ambrosini’s book: ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ (or boy!)

I noticed that for each time I wasn’t doing that, I would let easily my cynical or mean girl (check out my article about Melissa Ambrosini’s book) take control of me and end up being more harsh on people than I actually want!


Bring homemade food

Bringing homemade food is THE thing saying: ‘I’m taking care of you’. It shows interest, it shows intention, it shows love and who wouldn’t be happy about it? You don’t even have to do very complicated stuff, you can make simple and easy recipe that just always work like cookies or a chocolate cake! Everyone (who likes chocolate!) will appreciate it and say thanks back. It is a nice way to interact with colleagues that you don’t always talk to everyday. And it is also nice to have a little break in the day to unwind and connect. You will feel happier and others too.


Organize a yoga class once or few times a week in your meeting room

Yoga is the best thing I know to take a step back and relax. We often get tensed at work and yoga can’t definitely help you focusing on your body and release the tensions accumulated in the muscles. You can book a meeting room and start teaching (if you have the knowledge for it), ask your manager to call a yoga teacher or even watch a Youtube video if you want!

Check my article about my favorites Youtube channels to practice yoga at home (or at work!)


Bring your gratitude practice at work

If you have a gratitude practice that you do at home (like saying 3 things or people each day you are grateful for), you can also bring this practice at work! Especially if you have troubles appreciating what you are doing on your work time, saying thanks and acknowledging the nice little things will help you get up every morning and find satisfaction in what you do!

Nice quotes at the end of your email signature

If you are allowed to change your email signature, why not putting a cool mantra? It is great for you as it becomes part of your affirmation practice and maybe will enlightened someone else’s day. Here are some nice ideas:


This one is


Inspirational quotes at your desk

In the same vibe as the previous idea, you can also put some nice inspirational quotes at your desk, writing them on Post-Its, in your calendar, as your desktop background, anyone you can and like!


Think about your breath

I noticed that my biggest struggle when I work is that I often forget to breathe. Not completely (because I wouldn’t be talking right now otherwise xD) but not deeply. And scientifics have claimed that taking 8 deep breaths in a row helped to reduce cortisol hormone by 50% so it’s definitely a major thing to do to keep cool during the day. Prana, the breath of life in the yoga philosophy, is essential to keep your mind, body and spirit working well.


Zenify your desk

Clean your desk as much as you can. Put away all your documents, throw away your trash…keep things simple and let the things you really use all the time handy and for the rest, put it somewhere else. Keeping your desk clean will help you unconsciously to feel more relaxed and keep your thoughts clearer. Try getting away from clutter and tell me how you feel about it!


Bring your compassion at work

I’ve noticed that we are often very compassionate with people in our personal life and not often in our work life. But people in our work life can be confronted to the same problems as our friends or us. Maybe this girl isn’t a mean person but she is out of whack since few months because of a young baby who is crying every night and make her sleep very little. Or maybe this guy isn’t conscious that he is saying things in a bad way because even in his personal life he isn’t that good at relationships. Of course, all of that are not excuses in the long term but trying to understand what people are going through can help you deal with them better and also make your realize that not everything they say to you are personal but are more of a reflection of their own internal state.


So what did you think of these 10 ideas to bring a yogi vibe at work? Did you like them and want to try them out or did you already try some of them? Tell me in the comments and share with me your feedbacks!


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