2nd step on my yogi journey: the struggle to keep a regular practice 

Hi everyone, today I will talk to you about my 2nd step on my yogi journey and it is all about discipline and my struggle to keep a regular practice.

I talked to many people practicing yoga regularly and from the stories I’ve heard from them and my friends who did the Yoga Teacher Training with me too, I’ve realized how complicated it was to stick to a regular practice in the modern world. So yeaaah! I’m not alone aha But let me tell me tell you all my thoughts/excuses to not practice.


First obstacle: finding a quiet and confortable space

It might be a problem for you too! It is actually quite hard to find a space where you won’t be disturbed during the practice and where there won’t be too much noise. When I was travelling around Australia last year, it wasn’t easy to have a morning routine when living in a backpack hostel. I could not practice in the room because people were sleeping and there wasn’t enough space anyway. Then, I thought about this little spot where people put their clothes to dry outside but there were people coming and going all the time, even early in the morning and not enough space too. So my only chance to practice yoga was either going to the yoga studio or (if the weather was good enough) practice in the park next door.


But that was in Australia. Since I came back in France at my parents’ place, I got my room, nice and quiet. I’m so happyyyyy! No street noise, little birds singing, I thought: ‘Wow, it is finally going to be perfect!’. And….nope. My dad, who is now retired, kept knocking to my door, coming in my room to ask me questions or tell me that my mum was on the phone and that she wanted to talked to me or even tell me that he was going outside. And my reactions were always the same (especially because my father is my biggest trigger either too), I was angry. I told him to leave me alone, that during the time I was doing yoga, I didn’t want to be interrupted. Mum could wait for me to call her, Dad could just leave me a note if he was going outside…I was going crazy and my yogi thoughts about being nice to everyone and be only love and peace was falling apart.


Second obstacle: explaining to your relatives why you are doing this

Then I figured out that I needed to explain them why I was practicing. Doing yoga in the morning in a quiet and safe place is my way to get my body in movement first thing in the day, breathe deeply and keep away my chronic sinusitis issues, experiment and let my creative side out, keep my thoughts away for an hour each day and just connecting to my body again. I realized that after explaining that to my Dad, he understood how important it was to me and he never bothered me again. Education is everything as we say!

Photo by @tonyvgy

Third obstacle: the little things of life

And then, perhaps the most difficult thing: the things out of your control. I don’t have kids but it could be kids. And like me few weeks ago, it can be about a guest you have at home for a while. You feel like you need to be there for them 24/7 and feel guilty taking time for yourself. But with a look back, I realized he wouldn’t take it personally if I told him I was taking some time for myself to do some personal stuff.


Fourth obstacle: me

Photo by @tonygvy


And sometimes, you just feel like today is not the day. And it actually might be. But then you procrastinate every day and you end up not doing it for 4 weeks and you are sad because you know how much it is good for you! Then, you feel guilty and the vicious circle of: ‘I’m not good enough, I’m not disciplined enough’ keeps repeating in your mind.


The only solution…

Don’t leave it a choice. Each time, I give myself the choice to do it, I choose badly. It is actually the same for any other practice: instrument, sport, hobby…If you don’t take the time, you never going to do it. Don’t ask you the question and just manage. And if one day the world is really against you, ok you won’t do it. And that is fine! No pressure! But I think this is important to keep in mind to maintain a regular practice, whether you are teaching or have a practice at home or going to a studio, practicing 3 times a week or 6 times a week. Yoga is all about commitment. So is everything you want to grow out of in your life. Show up and you will be rewarded. And actually now that I don’t leave me the choice, I’m doing it and I’m so happy about it and proud of me! I keep faith that it is a long term routine that I’ve just created. And with optimism and motivation, it will be!


Photo by @tonygvy


You too have or had struggle to incorporate a yoga routine in your life? Share in the comments how you figured it out or how you are trying to implement it in your life!

To you all,

We are one.


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