Portrait of the woman behind Basilic Podcast

Hi everyone! This week I’d like you to meet Jeane, the creator of Basilic Podcast, an amazing podcast where Jeane interviews people regularly. On this media, they talk about environment and positive ideas and I find it so inspiring!

In this interview, she talks about what pushed her to create a podcast and what she learnt from it. Enjoy!

Can you tell us more about your story? 

Hi guys ! I am Jeane, French girl living in Hong Kong. I studied environmental law but I am now working on both project, my podcast (basilicpodcast.com) and as a sales business developer for a French cosmetic brand.


What pushed you to start the podcast?

When I moved to Hong Kong three years ago, I couldn’t listen to the radio all day long…. with the time difference I was listening to the night program at 7 am! Not the best way to start your day. I started to listen to many podcasts and decided to create mine as I couldn’t find one focusing on sustainability!


What did you learn already from this experience? 

It’s been the most amazing thing ever! This podcast changed my life. First, I got out of my comfort zone and my extreme shyness to release the first episode (I was absolutely terrified !) and then I met some amazing people working on the coolest project ever. The thing I learned, beside recording-editing-downloading, is that people are really trying to change the world and fighting for that every single day through their work or their daily life!


What topic did you address and that had the biggest impact on your life?

Definitely the one about the unsustainable use of online video. You can listen to this episode here


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Who and/or what are your inspirations?

Everyone I’ve interviewed for Basilic inspired me! 


Can you tell me what are your favorite books?

My favorite book this year was definitely ‘D’argent et de sang’ from Fabrice Arfi. The story is about the huge French carbon tax fraud which is called “the fraud of the century”.


What kind of ideal world would you like to live in?

A world where money doesn’t lead for everything and where we think about the planet and our health before thinking about profit! Is it even possible ?


What lifestyle do you promote? 

I don’t want to promote a lifestyle, I am not perfect, I still buy water bottles sometimes, used disposable diapers for my baby at night time and take the plane! I am trying my best to have the lowest impact and trying to be as green as I can 🙂


What are the projects you’re working on? 

I am working on the new season of the podcast, trying to do my best to improve and work harder on each episode! Some secret projects might be on the way !


Can you tell us about your yogi journey?

I used to practice yoga when I was suffering with anxiety but since I moved to Hong Kong I am doing pilates.


How yoga impacted your daily life and your projects?

Yoga was a kind of meditation for me, since I stopped yoga I continued to meditate and I am trying to do it as much as I can.

Check out her website in French!


Thanks so much to Jeane for answering these questions! What have you thought about it? And you, tell me everything, did you ever wanted to create your own podcast? 

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