Exploring Annecy: my 5 favorite things

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well this week! Today I’ll talk to you about my stay in Annecy. If you are coming to France, I highly recommend it to you as it is an amazing place to discover: mountains and lake = nice holidays.

And there are cool things to do all year round. As there are multiple things to do there, I’ll talk to you about my highlights, the 5 favorite things in the city that I loved the most so you can have inspiration when you come here! Get ready! Now let’s visit!


Sunbathe at the numerous beaches around the lake

There are lots of beaches around the lake, some are free some are not, but anyway the ones you have to paid for are really not expensive (we’ve paid 4 euros each). The difference between the two of them is that the ones you need to pay for have bathrooms and different kind of services: water equipment for rent, restaurants…and the free ones don’t!

My favorites were: St Jorioz, Imperial, Talloires.

Plage des Marquisats
St Jorioz

Get lost in the city

The city is super cool. There are plenty of places to eat, have a drink and also go shopping. Annecy’s nickname is ‘Alpes’ Venice’ so as you can imagine there are lot of water canals that brings a very special atmosphere to the city. Although, I don’t any place in particular to recommend, I would just advise you to wander around the city with no expectations and fall in love with what you see on the way.


Go hiking

They are numerous apps and maps that you can find at the tourist office so I’d recommend you to take one and read lots of them carefully. Because we realized with my friend that none of them were giving the same information and we had to gather a lot of them to have some ‘final’ instructions.

Réserve naturelle du Roc de Chère
At the exit of Angon’s waterfall

Book a water activity

They are sooooo many activities that you can do around the lake that’s crazy. I went there in summer and although you can’t go skiing and else, there are plenty of air activities (skydiving…) and water activities (paddle, pedal boats, sailing…). With my friend we’ve booked a pedal boat (really cheap activity) and it was so much fun!


Taste the specialties

They are loots of traditional French meals to taste around the town. If you are a vegetarian, you still can eat cheese’s meals. If you are vegan, I honestly don’t know what you can eat except salad. I already had so much trouble finding vegetarian meals, France doesn’t have a lot of traditional vegan meals.

Hope you enjoyed! If you have any other recommendation or questions about the city and surroundings, send a comment! I read and answer all of them!

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