Interview of a Zero-Waste brand: Lamazuna

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a Zero Waste French brand: Lamazuna. I use their products since a few years now and I love them so much that I wanted to talk to you about them.

You will learn how the brand was built, the obstacles and great surprises, their tools to educate the public and their new exciting project! Enjoy this interview of Coline, a member of the Lamazuna’s team!


Where the idea of the brand came from?

The brand’s goal is to suppress bathroom’s waste and the idea emerged from the fact that nothing was recycled among all the bottles in the bathroom’s bin. Laëtitia then started her adventure with washable make-up remover wipes that you can only use with water! Then, she became able to remove the 5 cotton pads she usually used every day, and the cleanser lotion too.


What were the obstacles to create the brand?

In 2010, when Laëtitia started, Zero Waste movement was not known from the public. She had to work hard until 2015 and the COP21 when a real awareness appeared, therefore impacting her business.

Capture d’écran 2019-10-29 à 13.30.55

What were the great surprises?

The brand is constantly expanding. In a year, we evolved from 10 employees to 40’s! People are more and more aware and conscious of our planet’s state. So we are evolving in an optimistic atmosphere, full of ideas and great energy.


Taking care of the environment is something really important in cosmetics and also yoga, what actions/activities are your organizing for your consumers and team?

In Paris’ store, we regularly offer free workshops, open to the public, about wellness and ecology. We also offer a library of zero-waste’s tips. And for the team, we are multiplying activities to educate them on the conservation of the environment. We have, for example, organized a clean-up event of a commercial space on our work time and collected more than 300kg of waste in 3h!


What are your tools to educate about Zero Waste?

During events, we always try to show more than our products. We talk about the brand, the creator’s motivation and Zero-Waste in general. We often offer Tawashis’ workshops (sponges with old socks). People are always happy to come back home with a sponge they made by themselves. It’s easier to educate through fun workshops.

Capture d’écran 2019-10-29 à 13.30.38

What are your next projects?

We actually are working on a big project: Ecolieu! In 3 years time, we will move to our new office. But in order to that, we really want it to be imprinted with Lamazuna’s spirit and ethic. We work with a lot of people to build this building from the future, which will be as good looking as great. We actually talk about this on our Social Medias.


Did you like this interview? Tell me in the comment section! I’m looking forward to share more business inspiration like Lamazuna, that I love since so many years!

Have a good week!

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