I’ve tried Reiki for the first time

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts about Reiki as I tried it for the first time ever this week!

I had heard about it a lot over the last years in the yogi and non-yogi world and decided that it was time to finally give it a try it and trust me I was not disappointed. If you want to dive deeper about every wellness practice that there is on this Earth, you are at the right place as it is my passion to try them out and share my thoughts and feelings about them with you. In this article, I will tell you all about Reiki, what it is, how does it work? And the results on me!


What is Reiki exactly?

It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means ‘spirit, divine’ and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” It has been developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in 1922 and has been used everywhere in the world ever since.

There is a set of rules to use it and practice it that you can learn in a Reiki training. But the idea is that in order for the Reiki healing energies to work, the client must take responsibility for their healing and take an active part in it.

So you understand the practice, a practitioner lay hands on the client’s body and let the “life force energy” flows through. The idea is if one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or stressed, and if it is high, we are more capable of feeling good and the Reiki practitioner is here to help you heal with your help.

There is no scientific nor clinical identified results that has been made on Reiki (or that I am aware of!). Nevertheless, Reiki has spread massively these last years as stressed out people from the Western world needed more and more different stress-relieving practices to help them out with their different conditions (anxiety, stress, depressions, burn-out, chronic illnesses…) and also more spiritual and historical stories to make them dream and believe.

I think that as much as we decide to believe in it, or not, the practice has been known to have helped thousands of people around the world to relieve their tensions and reach inner peace and then how wrong could that be?


How my Reiki session looked like?

I found out a recognized great Reiki practitioner around me (thanks Internet!) and booked a session with her. I didn’t really know what to expect and I told her that as she asked me why I was coming to her. I was honest and I just told her that I was curious as I heard about Reiki a lot over the last couple of years and finally wanted to try it out.

She invited me to lay down, fully clothed. I understood then that it was not going to be a classic massage! And she asked me to relax as she would put her hands on different parts of my body (hands, arms, belly…). Honestly, in the first ten minutes, I was like: ‘Hum…Did I really pay this amount for this session?…Hum yes! It is going to be the longest minutes of my life (my session was 1h15 time). Damn, what am I doing here? I never should have done that. It is bullshit, I knew it. Blah blah blah’.

But then my mind switched and I figured that I would better enjoy myself as much as I can to make this time worth it. So as she advised me at the beginning, I tried to connect to my body, my feelings, my senses. As I forgot more and more about my ego (which wanted to stay in the comfort zone of what is known, down-to-Earth, recognized and simple), I connected to myself on a deeper level than ever. It was like I was meditating intimately with someone else.

Let me explain…

Like in a meditation, my thoughts were coming and going but instead of coming back all the time to my breaths, I always came back to my senses. And the intimate feeling came from the fact that when you are doing a guided meditation for example, you are guided by a voice but you are not the voice. There is a distance between you and the person who is talking (even more if you are doing it online). But then, as I was meditating plus being touched by the practitioner, I felt really connected to her touch. I think that is why it is important to do it with a practitioner that you trust. I could not have done it with her if I had felt unsafe.


How did I feel in the end?

When the session was over, I felt like it had gone in 15 min and not 1h15! I have never felt like that before. It felt like going out of a massage (you know that ‘mind in the cloud’ feeling), but even better than that. I felt relaxed, heavy and like I took the most relaxing drug ever lol. And all that she had done was putting her hands on my body. How weird is that?

I admit that I was skeptical at the beginning but the end results completely changed my opinion about it. Whether there are clinical results or not, I felt really good and relaxed and I would be more than happy to do it again. I am actually thinking about trying out a training to discover more about how the practice work in the nearby future because I am really curious!

And I believe what was the most impressive thing in this was actually to be reminded of the power of touch. A conscious touch from anyone and even yourself is really worth 10 millions bucks. It make you feel better than ever (maybe that is why I love so much hugs that my friends even complain about it xD) but really a mindful touch is actually super powerful and healing to the mind and body. And you know what they say (this has been actually proved!) that people staying long-term at the hospitals for example are healing better when they see and are being touched by people every day of their stay. I am absolutely willing to trust that now as I have experienced myself the power of touch.

A touch from a person you know and even if you don’t know the person, when it is done mindfully, carefully and with will is helping us connect to each other. It is an amazing feel-good practice that I now know is really important in my daily life.

And you, what about the power of touch in your life? Is it something that you need or don’t feel like you really need? And have you tried  or would like to try Reiki after reading that article? 🙂 







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