All I want for Christmas is: yogi booooooooks!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well in this Christmas time of the year! Today, we are going to talk about books!

If you are following me a bit, you must have noticed that I am quite a big reader. And as much as I love reading fictional books, today I will talk to you about my yogi books wishlist! If you are searching for some yogi books for Christmas, I got your back! Enjoy!


‘Yogalosophy for Inner Strenghth’ by Mandy Ingber

I learned about Mandy Ingber a few years ago when I was reading an online article about Jennifer Aniston where she was telling the best about her private yoga teacher. That made me look at it on Amazon, where I have put it in my wishlist years ago and now that I am getting through it again, I am really hesitating to treat me with it finally this year! The subtitle: ’12 weeks to heal your heart and embrace joy’ is certainly something I love to know more about!


‘The Cleansing power of yoga’ by Swami Saradananda

During a yoga class, we hear a lot about detoxification, cleaning the energies, chakras, and I know in my heart that I indeed feel better when I practice yoga because I get rid of what I don’t need, whatever that is that day. But I feel like this book will help anyone interested to get a better understanding of the cleansing properties of yoga. Whether you are a fellow yogi or a yoga teacher, I think this book can help anyone who is on a yogi journey!


‘Mudras for modern life’ by Swami Saradananda

Another book from Swami Saradananda that looks fascinating to me because it is talking about Mudras. During my yogi teacher training, I heard nothing about mudras. And in some yoga classes, I heard about it but very little. That is why I definitely need an update!


‘Myths of the asanas’ by Alanna Kaivalya

During some yoga classes I had in Australia, I was amazed at how the teacher was explaining to us the historical and mythological stories of yoga poses. If people go to a yoga class instead of a Pilates class, it is because they are looking to hear or are curious about the yoga storytelling. What are the stories behind this ancient practice? Does yoga spirituality can help me live a better life? And so on. And this book is apparently quite known in the yogi world for these fascinating explanations so I really can’t wait to read it!


‘Teaching yoga beyond the poses’ by Sage Rountree and Alexandra Desiato

This one is destined to the yoga teachers most specifically as it seems and…I want it! It is always inspiring when you are teaching yoga since a while (or not!) to get some inspiration about themes or sequencing to make your classes better and improve your teaching. I believe being a yogi is accepting to be a student for life and I feel like this book could contribute a lot to it for next year at least!

Did you get some inspiration for your own Christmas wishlist? Do you have other books idea? Share them in the comments, I always am on the lookout for Yogi books!

Have a great week!





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