Portrait of Elise from a @yogiwhotravel

Hello everyone! Today, I am introducing you to my special guest of the day: Elise!

She is traveling around the globe, making some beautiful yoga pictures everywhere she goes and I am sure you have spotted her pics too on Instagram! Now I offer you the chance to get to know her better. Let’s dive in!

Hi Elise from @yogiwhotravel ! Can you tell us where you are right now, so we can get the vibe of your place?

I’m in Paris that’s my home where I’m not traveling


What does yoga mean for you after a few years of practice?

It is much more than the physical practice. It is a way of living. I try to do my best to practice it on and off the mat


Although, some of us follow you daily on Instagram, can you describe us your overall yogi journey?

I started yoga back in 2008 I was very stressed and traveling the world for my job as a consultant. It really help me to get my day started, for years I started my day with 10 to 15 minutes of yoga practice most of the time with Yoga with Adriene videos on Youtube. 4 years ago I became even more passionate about yoga when I discover Jivamukti and started to join classes multiple time a week.

How long have you been teaching and what about your yoga teacher journey?

I did my teaching training back in August 2018 and I’ve been teaching since September 2018. I didn’t plan on started teaching I did my training to deepen my personal practice.


Which yoga teacher trainings have you done that you would recommend?

I did Helen Cloots teacher training in California, it was great as we were a very small group. If you are planning on doing a teacher training try to investigate the quality of it, speak with somebody who did the training.


Did you start teaching right away or did you balance it with another job at first?

I started to teach right away while keeping my day job. In the first year of teaching I was leading up to 10 classes a week at the top of my full time job to gain as much experience as possible.

What about now?

I love my “day job” and cannot imagine stopping completely. Today I finally find a good balance I teach 3 classes a week and few private.


How often do you travel and what are your favorite things to do when you travel?

It really depends on some month I’ll be on the road every week some I’m home but usually, I visit 2 to 3 countries per month.


What are your essentials when you travel?

My traveling yoga mats, and my traveling kit which includes traveling pillow, eye mask, hydrating mask and creams, and a noise-cancelling headset.


How do you choose your next travels?

Most of my long-distance trips are planned 6 months in advance the small distance one are usually last minutes. I just got back from Washington DC and will be in London next week.

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Do you often find other yogi travelers abroad?

The beauty of Instagram is you meet online so many yogis so when I’m visiting a country of somebody I follow I try to go to their classes or have coffee.


Who inspires you?

I love Yoga with Adriene her practice is so inspiring and real.


I’m a huge reader and I’d love to know what is or what are the books that helped you grow on your yogi journey?

Tara Stiles book on Strala Yoga is a book I love.

What is your favorite quote?

Live as if you will die tomorrow, learn as if you will live forever.


And finally, what’s next in your projects?

One of my other passion is fitness so I’m working on a program helping reducing yogi injuries by combining fitness and yoga

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