Living in the wild: is it a thing that every yogi wants?

Hi everyone! Today I will talk to you about one of my wildest dream of living in a cabin or tiny house in the wild!

Maybe you have been dreaming about it too (with all the amazing Instagram and Pinterest pictures out there) and this is your chance to discover why it is so popular these days, especially among yogis^^ Recently, I have been gathering inspirational pics (for the future, which I hope will manifest soon!) and I wanted to share them with you and my thoughts around them. Because I don’t know if you have noticed but lots of yogis out there want to live in the wild and want to feel more connected to nature too! And my questions are: where does that come from? How yoga awakened people’s souls to connect more with the Universe? This is a topic I find deeply fascinating and that I wanted to investigate since a while, so here it is!

Why living in the wild is such a thing right now?

Most people now are living in big cities where nature is often very absent. We are also fed with incredible pics (often retouched) from influencers and bloggers on Instagram traveling around the globe, often outside, in beautiful places and that makes us dream! Each time we see these pics, I certainly want to drop everything that I am doing at the moment, hop on a plane to live for good in Hawaii (and I hope I will do it someday aha) but yeah as we are human beings, used to live in the wild ‘normally’ (let’s not forget that), we aspire to be in the wild like they are.


How practicing yoga makes us want to be in the wild even more?

Yoga, in a certain sense, is also highlighting this basic human need of being in nature. Why? Because we learn with the practice how to connect. Connecting with ourselves, with others AND nature. That is why it has become such a thing to practice yoga outdoors! Think about all the different practices and names that came up these last years like yoga paddle, yoga sunset, yogasnow, yoga with kittens or dogs and so much more!

Also retreats, yoga teacher trainings and wellness getaways are all in nature and often abroad, to get this sensation to escape the normal life, the not pretty ‘building life’ or ‘big city life’ and also to help us reconnect.

City life is great to find a job and go dinner or party but nature and silence help us reconnect to our soul in a way that TV and Facebook notifications can’t compete with. In my own experience, I realized that practicing yoga was a wake-up call for me to get closer to nature and my true nature too.

Have you also experienced that too?


Is it only a yogi thing?

I don’t believe so. As we are getting so overwhelmed and stressed out by our work and our busy life, we want to escape more and yoga can help to be the wake-up call but burnout can help realize that too!


Are they any yogis living in the wild?

When we dive deeper into yoga and start digging into yoga philosophy, we realize that they are so many stories of Gods or Goddesses who lived and found themselves in the wild. Some Gods meditated for so long that they didn’t see the years passed by (lucky for them!). And you can see how close to nature yoga mythology also is: Ganesh has an elephant face, Hanuman has a monkey face…

For the modern yogis, living in the wild (like completely) can look very extreme but that is why campervans, vans, cabins and tiny houses look so tempting to us! It is like keeping a comfort (that we are not ready to leave behind) but feeling closer to nature. They are also the options of traveling a lot but that tends to cost a lot at some point!


How does your lifestyle change?

I believe that the first glance at your window in the morning is the main factor that makes you feel good or bad for the day. If the weather suck and you are not even in an environment that suits you, that tends to get you sad or grumpy that if you were at least in an environment that you liked. Seeing nature by the window with blue sky, isn’t that everyone’s dream?

However it looks really great on the paper, I wonder how it is to live for the long-term in that kind of spaces. I guess it only depends if you are a yogi who loves to go out a lot or if you are more solitary and introspective kind of yogi.

If any yogi readers out there resonates with that kind of life, tell us your experience!


How does it look like?

You can check my inspiration/aspiration board on Pinterest!

While you are looking there, your dream cabin, I share with you my dream cabin. It certainly isn’t the most designed or architectural type of cabin but damn! this location!


Share your thoughts with me on this subject in the comment below and don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to be updated with my latest content!


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