10 things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide…City of Churches, City of Serial Killers I heard, but it’s just the best city in the world for me at the moment.

It seems weird to write this article, although I’m not living in Adelaide since a month now. But I love this city so much that I want everyone else to like it too (don’t know why xD). So I’ll share with you my ideal top 10 things to do in Adelaide in case you have the opportunity to visit it!

1) Wander into the Royal Botanic Gardens

It’s a really nice spot to discover in the city. You can see a mini-jungle; visit a wine centre where you can try some wines from Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale or the Barossa Valley and just wander with your friend, lover or alone (actually my favorite!) or do yoga in nature.


2) Go food shopping at the Central Market

Don’t eat the crap from Coles or Woolies if the Central Market is open (Tuesday-Saturday)! You’ll find awesome food from around the globe, with good quality. There’s also a food court where you can eat delicious Asian food for lunch.


3) Go shopping in Rundle Mall


You lost your hat and want a new one? Forgot your sunscreen? This is the Street to go. You can find everything from clothes, hi-tech, hypers, everything! I’m not really a big consumption fan (although I was not a long time ago) but I love the energy there and I now know why. It’s not because of the shops; it’s about all the people crossing this street along the day. It’s crowded enough to feel like you’re living in a city but not crowded enough to feel overwhelmed. And my 2 favorite things there are also: the crepe-guy changing spot every day in the street (the owner of this little food truck is Italian but I swear he’s doing crepes better than most French!) and band/person singing. There are usually some nice singers over there!


4) Dance all night long in nightclubs

I’ve definitely not ranked well these top 10 things to do in Adelaide when I see I’ve put that at the 4th place xD But it’s still a nice thing that I wanted to highlight here because I never felt safe enough to do that a lot in my own country (France) and I felt so safe in Adelaide that it was the first time a pleasure for me to go there. There are some nice places (HQ, Dog & Duck, Blackbull, Electric Circus…) that I’ve tried but someone from Adelaide told me that there were even more nicest places to try around the city (that’s also part of the reason I absolutely have to go back there….yeah I’m so in love with this city).


5) Have a walk along the river

This one is my favorite walk/place to wander in Adelaide. You’re still in the city but can’t hear all the annoying things that you can usually hear from a city, like cars, too much people…You can see the boats float quietly on the river, hear the birds and sunbathe. To summarize, everything that I love! It’s also a nice place to meet with a friend or to relax at the end of a long day.

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6) Go to the beach at Glenelg

Enjoy a sunny day by going sunbathing at the beach! Glenelg is the last stop on the tram from the CBD (40min approximately). There is a nice place with some restaurants and pubs. And on the Main Street, you can also find plenty of clothes and ice-cream stores. Now, let’s go walk on the jetty which has a nice view over the coast. And after, some sunbathing time at the beach, head toward Moseley Beach (if it’s Summer) or Moseley Square (for the rest of the year) to sip a Pimm’s (my favourite ever “kinda” of cocktail in Australia!) while watching the sunset. Their meals are also fantastic.



7) Have a good Sunday breakfast at Goodwood Farmers Market

I discovered this place thanks to a friend who lives close to this area and I really loved it. It’s easily accessible from the city (from the CBD, take the tram and stop at Goodwood Road). They are some shops outside and inside and you can find plenty of beautiful products. My favorite thing to do there: grab a big jar of green juice and take a nice breakfast/lunch in the sun. There are a lot of cute shops to eat outside.


8) Pretend you are a student

One of my favorite spot is definitely the University of Adelaide, close to the river. Although, the University is not old, some building looks a bit old and it definitely contributes to this idea that you might be in a great campus in England (apparently Adelaide is also referred as the most England-looking-like city in Australia as I heard!). So go wander between the buildings (anyone can go), grab a book and a chai and sip it along the river on a sunny day.


9) Meet some people at the hostel

Meet some peeps at the hostel and then wander with them around the city. BEST way to discover Adelaide! Can’t recommend enough Backpack Oz! If you want to know more about my long-term in this hostel, go here.

Backpack OZ+adelaide+backpackers+澳洲打工渡假+阿德雷德背包客棧-2

10) Have a drink

Of course, you can have a drink in every city in the world (at least I hope xD) but there are some really nice pubs in Adelaide that I want to talk about…Crown & Anchor is really cheap (especially on Wednesdays), there is a nice atmosphere, some pools and occasionally some concerts and comedy shows. Close to it, you have Roxie’s, a nice trendy spot to sip some cocktails outside. And if you’re more of a pub fan and also if the Crown & Anchor is too crowded, I’ll highly recommend The Exeter, the Austral or the Elephant.


Have you been there already in the past? Or did this article inspired you to go there? Tell me all and let’s chat about this beautiful city ❤

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