5 podcasts to help you grow on your Yogi Journey

Have you too felt that there were too many good podcasts and not enough time to listen to them all? xD

I felt the same and that’s why I decided to focus on these 5 main podcasts that really helped me go deeper on my yogi journey. Wellness, Ayurveda, Yoga, Purpose, Lifestyle: I’m telling you why to focus on these ones and what episodes added value to my life. If you got some to recommend too, I am more than interested!



The Melissa Ambrosini Show
The Melissa Ambrosini Show


The Melissa Ambrosini Show

I loooooooove this show so much because of Melissa Ambrosini’s work first (read her book ‘Open Wide’ and ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’). But second because the guests she is inviting on her podcast/show are incredible! She is talking about everything related to wellness from Relationships to Nutrition, Ayurveda…and she releases every Mondays, a short motivational podcast/meditation to help you focus for the beginning of the week.


Episodes that added value in my life:

197: Why (And How) I Quit Alcohol With Dr Stephen Cabral

121: Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life With Ayurvedic Expert Dr Suhas Kshirsagar

52: You Are Here To Shine

The Highest Self Podcast
The Highest Self Podcast


Highest self podcast

Sahara Rose is also one of my favorite blogger/author. With Kate Hudson’s book ‘Pretty Happy’ I’ve put a toe in the water of Ayurveda’s world few years ago. But with Sahara Rose, I simply jumped in the sea of this never-ending knowledge world that is Ayurveda (5000 years old Indian Medicine). She wrote 2 books ‘Idiot’s Guide of Ayurveda’ and ‘Eat, Feel, Fresh’ that are simply amazing. If you are new to Ayurveda, these are definitely must-reads. In this podcast, she talks a lot about ‘dharma’ (your purpose in this life) and about the Ayurvedic lifestyle.


Episodes that added value in my life:

178: What Does Success Means To You with Sahara Rose

155: New Year’s Resolutions For Kaphas with Sahara Rose

130: How To Make 6 Figures Teaching Yoga with Brett Larkin (still got to believe in it right? xD)

The Minimalists
The Minimalists


The Minimalists podcast

I discovered The Minimalists few years ago but didn’t try to apply their advices too much in my own life. Starting in 2018, I did and every day of my life ever since has slowly changed and got more meaningful. Like Marie Kondo helped me with ‘having less stuff’, the Minimalists, a joyful duo made of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, helped me to reconsider the big ‘Why’. Why am I keeping this old toy from my childhood? Why am I holding on to my DVD collections that I simply don’t use anymore because of Netflix? Why am I holding on to stuff or this person? They focus each episode on a special theme, simply answering questions that people asked them on Social Medias. They are cool, they are simple, and they are fascinating. For you yogi, they can be a huge help to understand better and deeper the concept of non-attachment, which is quite a large subject in our modern world!


Episodes that added value in my life:

001: Declutter

002: Technology

008: Relationships

Yoga Teacher Resource
Yoga Teacher Resource


Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

This podcast is a must for every little yogi, from beginner to advanced yogi, teacher or not, as long as you are willing to dive deeper into the anatomic of yoga (you can skip the business episodes if you are not interested). For the teachers, there are insightful episodes, helping you choosing whether to create your own studio (or not), having a full-time or part-time yoga job and inspiring ideas to refresh your classes or home practice.


Episodes that added value in my life:

Getting Hired at a Yoga Studio w/ Jennifer O’Sullivan

Do Yoga Teachers Really Need A Website?

3 steps to an Ethical and Sustainable Yoga Business



On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast

This podcast is definitely made for people interested into self-development. I have been following Jay Shetty since a long time now (I even am a member of his special support/growth group, more about it in another post) and I love his content (and his eyes xD). He has been a monk for 3 years after he graduated and couldn’t find his way in life and has come back a wiser man. That’s what he says. And if I keep coming back it is because I think he is indeed a wise man. He particularly goes deep into limiting self-beliefs, which comes back often on Yoga Teachers Training and is such an interesting part of the Yogi Journey. Jay Shetty is helping you to find within yourself how to express authentically and truthfully to the world and express the best version of yourself.


Episodes that added value in my life:

3 Lessons I Learned From My Ex

4 Types of Negative People & 3 Was to Deal With Them

3 Reasons Why Compatibility Is More Important Than Chemistry


And you? What are your favorites podcasts? I’d be more than happy to discover new people, new stories that can add more value to my life and others. Share them with us in the comments!

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