Portrait of a yogi: The Yoginist a.k.a Caroline

Hi everyone, fews weeks ago I went to Kind Festival in Paris, France and I had the chance to participate to The Yoginist class and it felt amazing!

I discovered her few months ago on Instagram and was captivated by the rawness and beauty of her pictures and the honesty that she transmits in her post’s caption. Needless to say that I was more than happy when she told me she would be ok to answer the questions of my little interview. Now I let you to it!

What does yoga mean for you after few years of practice?

Yoga is a self cure for me, a way of connecting to whatever is going on within, listening to the voice of my body, the voice of my mind and letting them speak as I learn to temper the discussion. Teaching yoga is for me transmitting those tools that helped me creating that experience.


Although, some of us follow you daily on Instagram, can you describe us your over all yogi journey?

Every day is different, I would at times wake up at 7.30am, others at 9am, I would some days teach 5 classes in a row and some other I would have a lot of admin and answering messages to do. I am actually currently working on creating some routine, even though my work as a yoga teacher will never allow me to have a 9-5 schedule for sure.


And now, how do you feel about your teaching journey?

It is so fulfilling. Before teaching yoga, in my other life, as I like to say, I studied sustainable development and was a project manager in a big corporation…. I wanted to have a positive impact and wanted to work in line with my personal values. Money, comfort, status never were a focus for me. I found in teaching yoga the best way to align the “what I love” with the “what I do”. I love humans, I love connections so teaching yoga doesn’t really feel like a job, even though technically it is.


Do you have some tips for the yoga teachers out there starting?

One step at a time, create a solid basis of knowledge before getting into more specific forms of yoga, and as your experience grow create your own flows, your own touches, your own cues so you truly incarnate the practice you will be transmitting. But this does not happen in a day. I am myself on that path and it is a beautiful journey.

Credits: Mehdi Oth

Who inspires you?

Every one who thinks AND acts to make our world a better place. I feel inspired by their devotion to a greater cause than their own little world. There are so many problems nowadays I feel we have to act upon… there are no more excuses to not act. On social media I love Daria from @dariadaria.


Which yoga teacher trainings have you done that you would recommend?

My favorite yoga teacher training is the 200Hours I have done with Louisa Sear at Yoga Arts in Bali. It was the first step to my transformation, and we know how important the first step is…


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I’m a huge reader and I’d love to know what is or what are the books that helped you grow on your yogi journey?

I have highlighted every pages of “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama, I love reading and coming back at times to the intro of “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S Iyengar, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer is a classic, as well as “Living your Yoga” by J.H. Lasater.


I often find it hard to stay positive in Paris (mostly because of the weather!), how do you stay inspired and positive in the everyday life?

I feel you and would usually plan an escape every month. But on a more daily basis, I would take a sunray as an occasion to walk my dog and recharge in vitamin D, a phone call of a friend as an occasion to meet up and chat … and I must say I stopped taking the public transport as I found they were nerve wracking; I would always arrive late to my classes, absorbed by the negativity there was in the train.. I am now using my electric scooter and it definitely changed my mood !


And finally, what’s next in your projects?

Personally, my boyfriend and I are thinking of moving out of Paris.

On a professional level, I would like to teach more group classes in Paris and other places in Europe and FINALLY organize a retreat 🙂

Credits for the first picture of this article: Anaka Photos


Thanks again Caroline for sharing your story with me and the readers. We will keep following your path on the yogi journey on Instagram. @theyoginist

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