Everything you need to know about hot power vinyasa yoga

I know it sounds like a strong practice for a lot of people but I’ll tell you why I love it…So…Much!

I’ll tell you all about the benefits of hot yoga, power yoga and vinyasa yoga and how the 3 of them are working out so perfectly together! If you haven’t tried it yet maybe this article will convince you to try…or not! But at least, you will have gained the knowledge to know what it is!


What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is yoga performed in a heated room. There’s no special temperatures related to the practice. It really depends on how the studio wants it to be and also the actual temperature outside. When it is super hot outside, I’ve often seen studios lower a bit the temperature to be sure that everyone feels good. It is often linked to Vinyasa or Bikram styles. The benefits from hot yoga are: high sweating, which is great to eliminate the toxins, warmed muscles, which helps to soften and reduce the injuries related to the muscles and also feeling like you’re on holidays, like really. As I’m a sun chaser, I’m always searching for the high temperatures and this yoga type was a revelation for me as I felt I was leaving Paris for Carabbean in a minute gap! Usually, the class will go like this: sun salutations to warm up the body followed by deep postures (that will be easier to do compared to if you were in a non-heated class). Then the class is followed by some stretching and deep relaxation.

Side note: I noticed that for me, after trying the hot yoga classes, it was hard to come back to the non-heated ones. Anyway, when you just find out about YOUR perfect style (no one has always the same), you’ll know.


What is power yoga?

It is a modern practice born in California in the 80’s. Less rigid than some other types of yoga, teachers can modulate classes around one special part of the body or theme. It is a dynamic practice that usually comes with a dynamic playlist (hip-hop or chill music, the last one is more my type personally…). Power yoga may be, for some people, the first door they open into the yoga universe as the marketing linked to this practice often talks about an athletic and/or weight-loss workout.

What is important to know about this type is that it is quite challenging for the heart, especially when it’s performed in a heated room, so it’s necessary to really tune in with your body so you don’t feel dizzy or anything.


What is vinyasa yoga?

It is a practice where the movement is paired with the breath. In Sanskrit, it means “to place in a special way”. The continuous movement of vinyasa expresses the impermanence of life and the necessity of accepting change in order to achieve balance and wholeness.

Vinyasa yoga aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath in a harmonious flow. Usually, inhalation is connected to upward, open movements, and exhalation to downward movements or twists.

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How the 3 of them worked perfectly together?

The hot temperature allows the body to warm up and avoid injury and eliminate more toxins. The power yoga is great for cardio and vinyasa yoga is allowing this feeling of floating like flowing. Your mind escape from the repeating thoughts in your head to focus on the practice and movement. It is quite an intense practice. The ones I’ve done were usually at least between 1h and 1H30 but when you’re done with it (especially when did it with a great professor), you’ll feel this sense of relief and proudness because you’ve pushed back your limits (the dynamic movements are challenging your body and you got to maintain all your attention to battle this need to give up) while taking so much care of yourself.


What do you need to wear?

Although it’s hot, it’s still better to wear clothes, as they will absorb your sweat. It will help you to get into poses safely (because think about a crow pose when you knees are all sweaty!). A strong-support bra is also recommended as well as a close-to-body sweat-shirt so you don’t have it on your face every time you’re going into a downward facing dog (and trust me you’ll be in that position a lot). Keeping you hair attached is a great option too as you won’t have to care about it during the practice.


What do you need to practice it?

  • Grippy mat: it is better as this practice can get really sweaty. With a grippy mat, you’ll find it easier not to slide. I really like Lulu Lemon ones (even if I think they are kind of hard to clean).
  • A towel: it can be a little one that you will put at the top of your mat for your hands or to wash your face. Me I’d like to go for a thin and long one as my feet can get slippery too!
  • Water bottle: as it is intense, you really need to keep hydrated. You can even add some electrolytes to boost you a bit.


Have you found this article useful? Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions if you have some! It is the yoga type I teach so I have an even better place to help you.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to share!

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