My experience with aerial yoga

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my experience with Aerial Yoga.

I wanted to try that since a long time because I heard about it lots of time. And when I discovered that a Yoga Studio close to where I live right now were doing classes, I absolutely wanted to try!

Aerial Yoga is as you can imagine not a tradition yoga practice on a mat. There’s a mat indeed but you are not really often on it. You perform poses on a hammock (don’t worry about your weight as it can support 900kg weight!). No need to be super flexible or a yoga addict. You just need to show up for yourself. How great is that?!

I’ll share with you my feelings about this class that I had!


Feels skeptical

I’m surrounded with 6 other girls in a big classroom. We are all around our kind of hammock waiting to see what it’s going to happen to us. It’s a beginner’s class. I’m thinking: what are we going to do here? I’m kind of nervous because the unknown is always kind of frightening me but also excited to perhaps discover a new passion! Then, the teacher arrives with a strange ball. She gives one to each of us and asks us to roll our feet on it. I thought that it was kind of crazy and after few seconds rolling my foot on it, I feel like in heaven. Best foot massage ever! This little thing helps you to relax so quickly. I definitely need one in my future home!

Then, the teacher came back, took the balls and came back with a ladder to adjust the hammock to each person. I looked up for the first time and saw that it was connected to the wood in the ceiling. I kind of start hoping that it was going to be super resistant as me and the girl next to me were about to be holding to it for about an hour. The teacher catches up my look and my thoughts and tells us that each hammock can carry 500kg maximum, like a baby elephant, without breaking. I’m feeling better.


Feels like I’m not going to do yoga

When I start to move in this strange hammock, I’m wondering how and if I was about to practice yoga. But the teacher asks us to some chest opening, twisting poses and also inversion poses. I was afraid to fall (yes I’m a coward and afraid of everything xD) but finally got surprised on how much I could trust my hammock (yep new buddy here).

We did a lot of movements focused on the breaths and it felt goooood. I also got the chance to do some poses that you can only do in Aerial Yoga Class like: the Superman. And that was cool!

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Feels like to be a baby

Realizing that we were almost at the end of the class, I started to feel sad. I don’t want to live my cocoon, ever! Seriously, you feel so good in that thing. I had this feeling that I was in my mummy’s belly, which was kind of disgusting but also really comfortable feeling. You know when you think that nothing can ever happen to you because you are protected. That’s exactly how I felt. It began even more obvious when she asked us to put ourselves in foetus position and then stretch the entire body in the hammock.

But as always, my favorite pose was shavasana or corpse pose, when you just lie down at the end of the class relaxing and thinking that you did a great job on the mat. But how do you do that when you’re floating?! You just do exactly the same except that you are in a hammock, which is way cooler than a regular mat.


Conclusion? I loved it! But now that I’ve done a class, I’m thinking that I really want to do some experimenting by myself next time. After all, it’s super intuitive. You always know when you’re going to fall or not (at least, I hope you do!). And I’m having about having that in my future home.


Have you ever tried Aerial Yoga? If you have, I’d be happy to know how you felt about it! And if you are in Adelaide, Australia, I can’t encourage you enough to give it a try at the studio where I went:


We are One.



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