My favorite feel-good shows on Netflix

Hi everyone! Are you so cold right now that you too want to stay in bed all day watching Netflix?

I clearly know that feeling too! Here is my list of my favorite Netflix shows/movies classified by genre. Enjoy and share me yours in the comment section because I’m always on the look for some new great shows to watch!

Shows to open our minds

Queer Eye


My favorite show of all time, check out my article here: I’ve watched 1 ‘Queer Eye’ episode every day during a month and here’s how it affected my mindset.


Why? Because it helps getting to know some famous people of our time like Obama, Malala, Kanye West, Jay Z, Ellen Degeneres, Melinda Gates…and many more!


Why? It’s an amazing show to travel and get in the eye of photographers around the world. From seas to mountains and several cities in the world, it really is a beautiful show to watch (and short too! 20 min/episode)


This show was also a game changer for me, check out my article: Why using the Mari Kondo method to tidy up?

Documentaries to awaken our spirit


Why? Because Tony Robbins is such an inspiration and his work with people on self-limiting beliefs is incredible. Even just watching it is breathtaking. I’ve cried several times in front of it.


Why? First because I’m in love with the Minimalists (whom I also talk about in this article). Second because this is such a great documentary about compulsive consumption and how to minimize our possessions to live more. My love for minimalism started before this documentary but certainly convinced me even more to buy less and focus more on the essential things of life.


Why? A moving story where Maris talk about yoga but also mental and physical health. Powerful. (P.S: I’ve cried too!)


Why? Because our nature is wonderful and deserve to be seen more with the eyes of a photographer or a natural scientific. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful world for us to live in and explore!

Comedies to connect to our feelings


Why? Because it’s my feel-good movie of all time and especially around Christmas (obviously)


Why? Although it’s been shot in the US, I got this little Australia vibes from the actors (both Australian) and it’s funny as hell.

Laugh to feel good!


Why? Because I’m I love Ellen of course and even she does, I watch. Super funny show.


Why? I loved Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where she is one of the main actor, so I thought I should give it a try and it was a great idea. I’ve watched it multiple times and it always make me laugh hard.

And you, tell me what are your favorite shows on Netflix too!

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