An imaginary journal of what it would be like to live #SelfcareSunday everyday?

Hi everyone, this week I am posting a day late, sorry!

I actually had a ton of things I wanted to talk about (yoga related)  and finally I took the decision to talk about a different topic, a feel-good topic (although yoga is also for me a feel-good practice), that I really wanted to question today. Every Sunday, if you are scrolling on Instagram like I am, you will notice this #SelfcareSunday hashtag all over the place. And I find it so cool to see how people relax, what book people reads (it often gives me inspiration and I add it on my reading list), how people take care of themselves, and I often aspire to do the same, which it quite like a reminder to take care of myself that day actually. But when the week starts again I noticed that every Monday, we tend to change to a completely different mindset (that you can notice with what lots of people post that day) that is: I don’t like Mondays.

And I wondered this morning about what if we made #SelfcareSunday everyday, would Mondays still be that bad? Would we still be waiting that much for the weekend? That is why I decided to imagine a week where every day will be made of self care moments. A nice way to picture how my week (and maybe yours!) could look like. Enjoy this extract from an imaginary planning journal that could be true next week and why not today!



What if today was not such a horrible day? What if I decided to make it a good day, how would it look like? Maybe I can do start with some stretching in the morning to awake my body. Maybe while at work I can take a 5 minutes break in the morning to go outside and take some deep breaths in the fresh air, that sounds like a doable and easy thing to do that would make my morning better, right? During the afternoon, there are a lot of meetings going on, I don’t know if I can manage some time to myself. Maybe I can still manage 5 minutes to smell some essential oils hidden in my desk after that meeting to make me come back to a more peaceful state? Yes that sounds cool! I would smell some orange essential oil if I want to uplift myself or some lavender if I need to calm down! If I get some hand cream or oil with me, I could even offer myself a little hands massage like if I was at the spa. At night, I could treat myself with a meditation of yoga nidra to sleep better. I know I can find one on the Insight Timer app or on Youtube. At the end of the day, I am happy that I got to treat myself in an easy and doable way. This Monday was not that bad after all.


How can I treat myself today again? I start my day with a hot cup of water with lemon or tea or infusion to warm up my body, that will make me feel good. On the way to work, instead of listening to the radio and its terrible news or boom boom music, I replace it with some Reiki healing sounds. That will surely help me handle better my boss or this annoying colleague and start the day on the right foot.

At night, I can practice a bit of yoga and if I don’t have time to go to the studio, I still can practice with some yoga youtube channels to practice at home.


Today I uplift myself by listening to a positive podcast to help me grow on my yogi journey. It helps me get in the right mindset to accomplish everything that I want to do today.

At night, why not sweat a bit by going to the gym? That would make me feel better about myself or the food I ate lately. I won’t feel as guilty as I am right now for finishing that chocolate bar or that box of candies.



It is getting harder and harder to find new ideas of self care at this stage of the week now, right? I am not used to that exercise! What I am going to do? In the morning, I can indulge myself a nice dry brush of the body, then oiling myself slowly and massage to allow the oil to penetrate my skin. And then take a great warm shower that I can upgrade with Eucalyptus essential oil to help me breathe better.

Now I have noticed that taking twice 5 minutes during my workday (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) helps me feel better and like I was giving more self care to me and my body so today I will continue and allow myself a little yoga chair class and take 5 minutes to list all the things I am grateful for (or by saying them out loud, saying them in my head or writing them).

And tonight, I plan a Yin class, just because.



It’s Friday and I want to release the last tensions in my body that I might have so first thing in the morning, I am booking a massage for the night! While waiting for that precious moment, I energize myself by dancing on my favorite music in the morning. And I continue to have fun during the day by taking time to talk with my colleague, clean my desk, my emails, my to-do list. I clear everything so my mind can rest during the weekend.

At night, during the massage, I surrender and let go of all and old blocks to dive deeper into this massage and benefit from it as much as possible. It is a sacred moment to reconnect to my body and feel relaxed.


Today is all about mindful and fun activities. I choose my favorite things and just do them. Going to an exhibit, watching a movie, painting…I chose what makes me feel good. And I also don’t forget to buy myself some delicious and organic groceries to support my body for the next week.

At night, I want to dance, move my body all night on some good beats. Feel the rythmn guiding me to reach my dancing nirvana. This moment where I feel in flow and happy to be alive.



Sunday has always been a rest day. I take my usual night and upgrade it with essential oils, I put a great music playlist to relax, light a candle, put some crystals all around me and close my eyes. Instead of letting my thoughts wander all around the house, I focus my thoughts on my body, in this hot water, in the present moment. I don’t let myself worry about the future or past, I decide to stay in that body, feeling hot and smelling good and I enjoy it simply.

Monday again!

Damn! One week has already passed. I realized that I didn’t made every day a self care day before because I thought that outside of a massage and a bath, there was no other way to enjoy my week but now I realize that it is the little things of daily life made with consciousness and upgraded with love that make every day a self care day ❤

I guess it become simpler and simpler with time as soon as you start to think about it on a daily basis and I wonder how my life and overall happiness would improve if I could practice at least one self-care practice every day.

And you, what are your tips to make your day a self-care day? Share them with me in the comments and on Instagram with this hashtag: #SelfcareDayEveryDay


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