Portrait of a yogi: Lisa Coderre

Lisa is one of the beautiful soul that did the Yoga Teacher Training at Power Living Adelaide this year.

She accepted gracefully to answer to some questions that I made up for her…

Can you introduce yourself quickly?

I am a corporate professional specializing in Business Transformation, Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Change Management. I am a sole parent to an amazing 2-year-old boy. I am also a qualified fitness professional and have worked in the fitness industry, as a hobby, for over 8 years. When did you start practicing yoga? I started practicing yoga, infrequently approximately 6 years ago

When did you decide to take the leap with your Yoga Teacher Training?

I had planned to participate in Yoga Teacher Training just prior to having my son. Obviously, these plans were put on hold. In June 2017 i purchased a YTT correspondence package from a well know local yoga studio, unfortunately this package was not provided to me, nor have i received a refund and have had to seek legal representation. With this incident still in consideration i continued to seek out my goal to become Yoga Teacher and successfully completed my YTT qualification with Power Living in August 2018.

Tell us about your yoga teacher training journey

I grateful to have on offer to me the opportunity to teach yoga at the two health and wellness establishments at which i work. What is yoga for you? Yoga for me is space for personal reflection and development. I wholeheartedly resinate with the spiritual teaching and have grown so much in the short time i have practiced. I look forward to continuing to develop and grow and to share this experience with others who choose to practice with me.

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What did you do after the teacher training course?

I took some time out to allow my experience to fully land and consider my way forward with these new skills and access to all that yoga and the yoga teacher community has to offer

What did you implement from the YTT in your life? Do you see your job, things or people differently?

I absolutely see myself and others differently. I am more conscious of my thoughts and reactions to external influences and actions. The shift of my lens has brought a level of peacefulness. This is all still very new to me and I have much practice ahead.

And finally, what’s next?

I am still infrequent in my personal practice. What’s next is to create consistent space for focused personal practice. I am also participating in Yin Yoga Teacher Training later in the year


I hope you liked this interview, if you have any questions, feel free to post us a little message in the comment section!

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