Portrait of a yogi: Kyle Hand

Kyle Hand is an amazing soul which helped me a lot on my path.

I had the chance to live 1 week with him during my stay in Adelaide and it was one of the funniest time I had. Thanks again mate and go check his Facebook page!

Can you introduce yourself quickly?

My name is Kyle Hand, I grew up in Loxton South Australia. I moved to Adelaide after high school. I have always been an active person who enjoys outdoors. I have been in property for about 9 years and enjoy it. I recently took on Yoga as a interest and to help find balance in my life.

When did you start practicing yoga?

I’ve been practicing Yoga for 2 years and decided to do a Yoga teaching training after about 12 months of practice. One of my longest standing goal is to own my own fitness/ health/ meditation/ yoga/ spiritual retreat. So the Yoga teaching was jus ta step in that direction

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When did you decide to take the leap with your Yoga Teacher Training? Tell us about your yoga teacher training journey?

The journey was great. I selected Power Living with a 5 second decision and left the rest to divine guidance.

What is yoga for you?

I like Yoga as every time I do it I feel really good. Ive also been to quite a few Yoga festivals and they are some of the best experiences I have had.

What did you do after the teacher training course?

After the teacher training I immediately started teaching weekly classes. Of which I am doing now. It has taken a bit to try and work out the best tiem for people but I am sure it will continue to fall into place.

What did you implement from the YTT in your life?

My life stayed pretty consistent although I have more time to do some other stuff (which has been good) it was a lot of travel and tiem away from hom staying in my Van in the city.

Do you see your job, things or people differently?

I live a spiritual life anyway, so Yoga really is in alignment with the way of life I live anyway. The main thing I got out of the TT and the Bali retreat was the tenderness of people and making sure I acknowledge that in other people. I feel a lot of people come to Yoga when they are in a bad spot in life. And yoga helps you work through that pain and helps make you feel better. This is the beautiful part about it.

And finally, what’s next?

Next for me is to set up another property office and work towards my retreat. I want to continue to do weekly teaching and hold monthly retreats. This is a pretty quick summary but if you send through hI proof I can add.


I hope you liked this interview, if you have any questions, feel free to post us a little message in the comment section!

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